Onathallu (Avittathallu): display of combat war by Nair communities

The Nair community of Pallassana Desham in the Chittur Thaluk in Palakkad district, Kerala celebrates Onathallu or Avittathallu as part and parcel of Onam festival. It is to be noted that Onathallu or Avittathallu is also celebrated in the rest of the Kerala region. According to the Hindu religious scholars and historians, the Nair communities […]

Major games played during Onam

Here is the list of games played during Onam festival in Kerala.. The following performances are amongst the various rituals, performed on the festive season of Onam by Malayalees every year. Pulikali/Kaduvakali Performance Pulikali is the most fascinating custom of Onam tradition. Onam performers paint themselves yellow with black and red strips on them just […]

The role of sports in Onam-Onakalikal

Onakalikal, the collective name of numerous games of Onam, is played by the people with different temperaments on the occasion of Onam. The game is of different types. The ideal time for the game is after the sumptuous Onasadhya meal. The most energetic people of Kerala also involve themselves to such games. One of the […]