The role of sports in Onam-Onakalikal

Onakalikal, the collective name of numerous games of Onam, is played by the people with different temperaments on the occasion of Onam. The game is of different types. The ideal time for the game is after the sumptuous Onasadhya meal. The most energetic people of Kerala also involve themselves to such games. One of the […]

Onam Ambeyyal (Archery) competitions in Kerala

Ambeyyal or Archery is popular game during the Onam celebrations in Kerala. It is one of the several games that are played on the festivity of Onam. This particular game really tests the skill and usually patience of a player. This game is commonly played by the men folks. The general rules of the game […]

Ambeyyal is a fun game in Onam celebrations

Ambeyyal means shooting the Arrows. It is one of the interesting games played by two teams during the Onam celebration. There are many games played during the Onam celebration which keeps the men and women folks and children busy and joyful. Games are played during this festivity in order to show unity among the family […]