Temple Priests

Temple priests are considered as pious people, since they are spending their valuable time inside the sanctum of the Temples. Temple priests usually belonged to Brahmins, but in some Shakti Temples and Temples in some villages, people belonging to various communities also used to perform puja. Since the almighty is giving his blessings equally to all the living beings in the earth, people from any caste or community is eligible for performing puja to the deities.

Most of the Brahmin priests would study in Veda Patasala, and would have good knowledge in chanting Vedic hymns and they also would be expert in Sanskrit language. The Veda Patasalas are situated in various parts of India, and it guides the students to acquire good knowledge in Vedic Education. Most of the Veda Patasalas are charging nominal fee from the students, and they are also giving free boarding and lodging facilities to their students, with the money received from the donors.

Recently I have read in a newspaper, that some Brahmin software employees had resigned their jobs, and become priest in a popular temple situated in Tamil Nadu. They are telling the reason, that by doing divine service to the Lord they are getting great mental satisfaction, which they could not get in their software jobs. Even though they are getting only a small pay for serving as the priests in the popular temple, they had willfully accepted the job. They are reciting the Vedic hymns in a good manner, and they are also providing the Holy Prasad to the devotees in a remarkable manner.

Some devotees would seek the help of the temple priests by telling their problems to them, and asking them to convey it to the great almighty.

Many foreigners are coming for a visit to India, and some of them are permanently staying in and around Tiruvannamalai. They are addicted with the division vision of Lord Arunachala and Mata Unnamalai Amman, and due to the divine grace, they prefer to stay there. Some foreigners would help the family of the temple priests by giving them in the form of cash or in kind. In some cases, the descendants of the temple priests would render their service in the temple continuously.

Let us help the temple priests by providing good education to their children, and make them to become big persons in the future.


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