Muktabai | Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Younger Sister

Muktabai (1279-1297) was a popular saint. She was born at Alandi, Pune in a Brahmin family. She was the younger sister of the great saint Dnyaneshwar. Her parents were died at her younger age.

Muktabai became the student of his elder brother Nivruttinath and she learnt the Vedas, the Upanishads and other sacred Hindu texts and mastered in yoga and meditation. She has quickly learned all the subjects and was well versed in giving devotional lectures to the people.


1. A saint is always a holy man, and he always forgets the mistakes of the people and will treat them with kindness.

2. Always worship god and sing in praise of him, so that you will get the everlasting bliss from him.

3. Always do charity, so that god will permanently stay in your heart.

4. Don’t think too much about future, since it was already decided by the god. Think about the present life and do good things to the others.

5. Never hurt others using bad words. Always mingle with them in a gentle manner.

6. Give proper respect to your parents, and take care of them well at their old age by providing proper food and other necessary facilities.

7. Do your job properly, and rest you leave it in the hands of the god. God is always there to protect you.

8. Avoid negative thoughts in your mind, since it will kill your peace of mind.

9. Don’t save too much money for your life. Donate some portion to the poor and needy. After our death, money will not come with us, only our Punniyam (Good Karma) will come along with us.


She has dedicated her entire life towards doing service to the people through her spiritualistic approach and worshipping god. She has controlled all her senses and thought only about the glory of god, and never allowed any bad thoughts to enter into her mind. She was a divine lady, and though she lived only for a short span of 18 years, she has done a great service to the god and to the people. She has removed the sufferings of the people through her devotional lectures. Though now she is not living with us, the holy life she lived will always be remembered by us through her preaching. She acts as an example for others.

She died at the age of 18 in Alandi, Pune.


She lived a saintly life throughout her life. Though she has lost her parents at her younger age, she never lost hope, and concentrated her entire attention towards god. She has taken birth in order to safeguard us from the evil effects of this Kaliyuga. Let us sincerely pray to the divine mother and be blessed.


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