Princess Hemalekha | Who became Spiritual Guru to her husband, Hemachooda

Similar to Queen Chudala, Princess Hemalekha was considered as a spiritual Guru to her husband Prince Hemachooda, and it is believed that she lived in the Dwapara Yuga during the time of Lord Krishna. She learned the divine scriptures and was a great scholar. She changed the entire nature of her husband, and moved him in the spiritual path.

Due to her holiness, she has also changed the behaviour of the entire people in the kingdom and through her guidance, they were became spiritual persons, and it is believed that even the wild animals and birds were attained the bliss of the god, through her spiritual teachings, and they began to chant the NAMA of Lord Krishna. After her death, she was merged with Lord Krishna.


1. Forget about worldly attractions, and think about Lord Krishna, who is the sole god of the entire universe.

2. Lord Krishna cannot be destroyed or eliminated and he would remain permanently in the hearts of his sincere devotees.

3. There is no end for those who chant the mantra “OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VASUDEVAYA NAMAHA”.

4. Nothing would come along with his except our true bhakti on god.

5. There is no need to worry about anything in this world, if we keep Lord Krishna in our memory.

6. Through Nama Sankeerthana (NAMA JAPA), we can attain the glory of the god.

7. Consider that Lord Krishna is dwelling in the souls of all the living beings, and don’t hate others, and show courtesy on all the living beings in the earth.

Let us worship the holy princess and be blessed.

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