Lalleshwari, Kashmiri Shaivite Sanyasin

Lalleshwari is a Kashmiri pandit girl who left her marriage to follow or take up the sanyas. She left her life behind to become the student of the Shaivite guru names ‘Siddha Srikantha’. She continued it as the spiritual tradition of Kashmir shaivism known as Tirka.

Lalleshwari was regarded as the Kashmiri yogini. Lalla’s greatness lied in sharing her experience through her yoga practices and common man’s language. She was clearly called as the evolution of human being in the theory of nada to give up all worries and greediness in life.

Lalleshwari works as a poet to concentrate more on spiritual kingdom. Way back when people and world was sufferings from tussles in all spheres like social, economic and political- she played an impressive role to remove the differences between human being who are emphasized.

The culture she composed and ideas she taught was a mixture of non-dual shaivism philosophy and Sufism in Islam. In 13th century, she taught simple living and non-violence and thus she became Lalla Arifa and Lalleshwari for Muhammadans and Hindus respectively. She was the first among all the saints who advocate medical spiritualism that was disclose by whole India.

Lalla spreads her teachings with truths of religious philosophy. The Vakyas which she recites touches Vaishnavism, who was the great rival of Lord Shiva. They strongly suggest doctrines and techniques of the Muhammadan Sufis who were spread out in India and Kashmir. Lallashwari and Kabir have same conceptions in mind and thus follow same line to bring out change in society and religion. No doubt Lalleshwari and Kabir has two voices of the same age. One voice is Vitasta while the other one is Ganga. They both are undying singers of the Indian soul that shows our unity.

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