What to do on Ugadi, Ugadi Rituals & Customs

What to do on Ugadi? What are the rituals and customs of Ugadi festival? Ugadi is celebrated as Telugu New Year in Andhra Pradesh and Kannada New Year in Karnataka. This is day is popularly known as Marathi New Year or Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. Here is the list of rituals and customs of Ugadi […]

Ugadi Pacchadi, How to prepare Ugadhi Pachadi Recipe

Ugadi Pacchadi is the important recipe made on Ugadi or Telugu and Kannada New Year day in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka people. It is one of the most famous recipes which symbolize the concept of life with the mixture of six flavors (Shadruchulu). Health wise also Ugadhi Pachadi is very helpful in reducing kapha, pittha, […]

Significance of Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi is the special preparation made during the Ugadi Festival in Andhra Pradesh. It is made by mixing fresh tamarind, Jaggery, fresh mangoes , neem flowers, coconut, bananas. The unique mixture gives a very special taste and it is called Shadhruchulu meaning the combination of six tastes. The sweetness of jaggery, the sourness of […]

Nimba Kusuma Bakshanam

Nimba Kusuma Bakshanam is a popular ritual observed on Ugadi festival. Ugadi is the Telugu and Kannada New Year day which falls on Chaitra Shukla Padyami, the first day of Chaitra Masam in Amavasyant Panchangams followed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. ‘Nimba’ means the Neem, Kusuma means the flowers and Bakshana means eating. […]

Ugadi Pachchadi or Ugadhi Pachadi, Ugadi Special Recipe

The important ritual and tradition of Ugadi is eating a special recipe called ‘Ugadi Pachchadi (a special chutney recipe). Ugadi Pacchhadi represents the Shadruchis (six essences of life). Ugadi Pacchhadi indicates the every moment of ones life with its bitterness, tang, sourness, heat and saltiness and sweetness. In 2018, Ugadi festival date is March 18. […]

Ugadi Pachadi recipe preparation mentioned wrong in many blogs

How to prepare Ugadi Pachadi? What is the preparation procedure of Ugadi Pachchadi? The method of preparation of Ugadi Pachadi recipe, a special recipe for Ugadi or Telugu New Year or Kannada New Year, is mentioned wrong in many blogs – like cooking blogs, cuisine blogs, kitchen blogs and some Hinduism blogs. What are the […]