Ugadi Pachadi recipe preparation mentioned wrong in many blogs

How to prepare Ugadi Pachadi? What is the preparation procedure of Ugadi Pachchadi? The method of preparation of Ugadi Pachadi recipe, a special recipe for Ugadi or Telugu New Year or Kannada New Year, is mentioned wrong in many blogs – like cooking blogs, cuisine blogs, kitchen blogs and some Hinduism blogs.

What are the ingredients used in Ugadhi Pachadi?

Many blogs wrote that Ugadi Pachadi is prepared with green chilly powder. Is it true? No, green chilly powder is not used in this special recipe and instead of it Black pepper is used. Ugadi Pachadi symbolizes the Arishadvarga (the six types of sentiments and emotions in life). Here you can read the method of preparation of Ugadi Pacchadi.

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  1. Shyam says:

    Agree with article, i never seen the people use the chilli powder in ugadi pachadi…

  2. Satyanarayana says:

    I don’t know why people blog without knowledge. I never seen and experienced any Ugadi pachadi made with chilly powder. Miriyalu or black pepper is used in pachchadi in Andhra pradesh. In Karnataka, bevu bella is the special recipe made on ugadi day. this is very similar to ugadi pachadi of telugu peopke.

  3. Krishna koundinyasa says:

    Yes, i have read some blogs which mentioned mirchi powder as one of the ingredients. I wondered to see that. Nowadays, it happens in some places for good taste. But traditionally, its not mirchi powder it is miriyalu or black pepper. and not sugar its jaggery. and gasagasalu are not used in pachadi. coconut, cashew nut, grapes are avoided but today many people use this type of POSH ugadi pachadi… as their ugadi prasadam or nivedanam.

  4. Poornachandra says:

    how to prepare ugadi pachadi with telugu pdf

  5. Jagadhish says:

    in ugadi pachhady salt is added according hindu astrology