Ugadi Pachchadi or Ugadhi Pachadi, Ugadi Special Recipe



The important ritual and tradition of Ugadi is eating a special recipe called ‘Ugadi Pachchadi (a special chutney recipe). Ugadi Pacchhadi represents the Shadruchis (six essences of life). Ugadi Pacchhadi indicates the every moment of ones life with its bitterness, tang, sourness, heat and saltiness and sweetness.

In 2018, Ugadi festival date is March 18.

Ingredients of Ugadi Pacchadi – Ugadi Special Recipe

Ugadi pacchadi is cooked by adding the ingredients such as neem flowers for bitterness, mango for tang, tamarind for sourness, pepper for hotness, salt for salty flavor and jaggery for sweetness.

Ugadi Pacchhadi is offered to the God first as naivedyam and then it is taken by all family members. Ugadi Pacchadi is distributed among friends and neighbors.

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