Why should a devotee visit Lord Shiva Temple?

Shiva is one of the most prominent Hindu deities and known as “Destroyer” among Trimurti. The temples of Shiva can be found every city of India. Kashi, the most sacred city of India is said to be the favourite of Shiva. Prominently Shiva is worshipped as in the form of Lingam (phallus) rather than his anthropomorphic images. The consort of Shiva, Parvati is represented as the base of the lingam. This base holds the entire universe firmly, as Parvati is the manifestation of female creative energy.

The Hindu philosophy believes that every man has to complete four types of duties, Dharma (virtuous and moral behaviour), Arth (professional duties), Kama (love and materialistic things) and then last Moksha- salvation. Shiva has always guided devotees to complete all these duties in one’s lifetime. He himself is a family-man with wife and children, yet he is a Yogi, an ascetic meditating in the cremation ground. He has overcome the lust and envy by burning Kamadev (God of Love) and he is compassionate to give him his life again.

Though Shiva is considered as Destroyer of the Universe, he is also patron deity for Dance, Music and other arts. This duality of Shiva teaches that every person should be never neglect his duties and also to be conscious of the inner self.

Visiting any Shiva temple is an experience that makes our soul enriched. Shiva worship does not require any elaborate rituals or Pooja items. Shiva just needs our prayer from the heart. Shiva always blesses any devotee who reveres in front of him. A devotee seeking peace of mind and calmness, should always visit Shiva temple.

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