Shivaratri Upvaas | Why observe Fasting on Mahashivaratri?

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-179

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-179

Fasting in the auspicious day of Shivaratri would be done by the devotees towards seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. Throughout India, many devotees observe the Shivaratri fast. They used to visit the Shiva temples and worship the Shivalinga and perform abhishekham and deeparadhana to the holy god. They wound meditate and observe fast throughout the day and night. They believe that by adopting these, they would get the immense blessings of Lord Shiva, and can attain good prosperity in their life.

In case of other types of Vrata or fasting, devotees would eat food after the performance of the puja of the deity. But on Shivaratri festival day, the fasting continues throughout day and night.

Fasting cleanses the body and purifies the mind. Our body feels lighter and our mind would get more relaxed,and at the same time, since we are concentrating our attention only on Lord Shiva, unnecessary thoughts would never enter into our mind.

By observing the Shivratri fast with prayers, our reasonable needs would get fulfilled. Lord Shiva’s grace would flow on us, leading us to the path of enlightenment.

By concentrating our attention on Shiva and by observing fast, bad habits like lust, anger, and anxiety would be controlled. Some devotees would visit the famous temples like Varanasi, Somnath, Srisailam and Tiruvannamalai on Shivaratri day, and worship Lord Shiva, in order to gain more benefits in their life. During Shivaratri day, by taking bath in the holy rivers also would purify our body, and our mental and spiritual energy would increase to a maximum level, and we would get a great sense of satisfaction in our life.

Hence let us observe fast, chant the mantras and various names and meditate on Lord Shiva on Shivaratri day.


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