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Srikalahasti Temple Brahmotsavam, Shivaratri Puja at Kalahasti Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Srikalahasti Kalahasthishwara swamy Temple is a famous Shiva temple in Andhra Pradesh and also known as one of the Panchabhoota Sthala, the five primordial temples of Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with utmost gaiety in Kalahasti temple.

During Shivaratri, Brahmotsavam is observed for 14 days. Every day Lord Kalahastishwara and his consort Gnana Prasunambika are taken out for a procession on various vahanas or vehicles.

Kalahasti Brahmotsavam begins with Kannappa Dhwajarohanam and Ankurarpana and ends with Ekantha seva. In 2016, Shivaratri Brahmotsavam begins on March 2. Nandi Seva, Lingodhbava Darshanam, Kalahasthiswara Gnana Prasunambika Kalyanam, and Kailasagiri Pradakshinam are the main rituals during Shivaratri Brahmotsavam in Kalahasti temple.

Here is the list of some important sevas, rituals and pujas during Shivaratri Brahmotsavam in Kalahasti Temple:

2 March 2016 – Ankurarpana & Dwajarohanam (Kannappa Flag Hoisting) (Morning)

3 March 2016 (Bhuta Ratri) – Utsava Murthies of Somaskanda murthi on Suryprabha vahanam & Gnanaprasoonambika on Chapparam. In the evening Swamyvaru on Bhutavahanam and Goddess on Suka vahanam.

4 March 2016 (Gamdarya Ratri) – Utsava Murthies of Somaskanda murthi and Gnanambika on Hamsa vahanam and Yali Vahanam. In the evening Swamyvaru & Ammavaru on Ravana Vahanam and Mayura vahanam.

5 March 2016 – Utsava Murthies of Somaskanda murthi and Gnanambika on Hamsa vahanam and Chiluka Vahanam.

7 March 2016 (Maha Shivaratri) – Indravimana vahanam & Chapparam. In the evening, Adhikara Nandivahana seva and Goddess Prasoonambika on Simha vahanam.

8 March 2016 – Lingodhbhavam at 3 AM & Rathotsavam at 9.30 AM. Teppotsavam at 8 PM.

9 March 2016 (Skandaratri) – Skandaratri is the night on which Kalyanotsavam is performed. Kalyanotsavam is at 3 AM. In the evening, swamyvaru on Gajavahanam and Ammavaru on Simha vahanam.

10 March 2016 – Tiruchi Vahanam & Sabhapathi Vahanam

11 March 2016 – Giri Pradakshinam at 8 AM. Ashwavahanam.

12 March 2016 – Dwajavarohanam

13 March 2016 – Pallakiseva, Float Festival

14 March 2016 – Ekantaseva.

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