Golden Quotes of Ramanujacharya

Ramanuja was a Vaishnavite saint and a social reformer. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he was the main propagator of the Sri Vaishnavism philosophies. Through his tremendous efforts, the “VISHNU BHAKTI” was spread amongst the devotees throughout India. He was against caste discrimination and he treated all the people as alike […]

Ramanuja | Sri Ramanujacharya | Chief Proponent of ‘Vishishtadvaita’

Ramanuja (1017 AD–1137 AD) was one of the most important influential spiritual master of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition. According to traditional belief, he has been regarded as an amsha of Lord Adhishesha. He founded the Bhakti movement on Lord Vishnu. He is also known as Sri Ramanujacharya, Udaiyavar, Yatiraja, Bhashyakarar, Godagrajar, Thiruppavai Jeeyar, Emberumanar and […]

Ramanuja Jayanthi 2023 | Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti

Ramanuja Jayanthi 2023, Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti 2023 date. When is Sri Ramanuja Jayanthi in 2023? The date of Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanthi in 2023.. Ramanujacharya Jayanti or Ramanuja Jayanthi is an auspicious day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, the leading expounder of Vishista Advaita. In 2023, Ramanuja Jayanti date is April 25. Also known […]

Madhva Punyadina 2023-2024 | Madhwa Punyatithi days


Madhva Punyadina 2023-2024, Madhwa Punyatithi days in 2023-2024.. Madhva Punyadina or Madhwa Punyatithi days are the auspicious days for Madhva sect of Brahmins. As per authoritative Dvaita scripture “The Supreme God also wanted to bless the souls with divine knowledge, by which they can attain salvation. For this purpose, the Supreme God — Śrī Nārāyana Himself […]

Sri Sundarabahu

Sri Sundarabahu was the son of Maalaadhaara, and he was a staunch disciple, devotee and a strict follower of Sri Ramanuja, and his principles. He was very keen in spreading the Sri Vaishnavasim philosophies amongst the kings, scholars and the general public. He also participated in several debates, and with the blessings of his Guru […]

6 May 2022, Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti & Ramanujacharya Jayanti

Adi Shankara Ramanuja

6 May 2022 is Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti & Ramanujacharya Jayanti. It is celebrated on Vaishakh Shukla Panchami (fifth day in bright half of Vaishakha month). Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti Sankaracharya was considered as the greatest philosophers in Hinduism. Shankara was the first and foremost philosopher who explained the concepts of “Aatma” (soul), “Paramathma” (divine soul), “Vairagya” […]

Statue of Equality | 216-feet Tall Ramanujacharya’s Statue in Sri Chinna Jiyar Swami Ashram in Muchhinthal, Shamshabad, Hyderabad

The Statue of Equality is a monument in India dedicated to the 11th-century Vaishnavaite Saint Bhagavad Ramanuja, commemorating 1000 years since his birth. It will be inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5th February, 2022. Sri Ramanujacharya (1017 AD–1137 AD) was one of the most important influential spiritual master of the Sri Vaishnavism […]

Ramanujacharya was a great Social Reformer : Chinna Jeeyar Swamy

The Sri Vaishnava Saint Sri Ramanujacharya was a great social reformer said, HH Sri Tirumala Chinna Jiyar Swamy. Speaking during the inaugural session of Saint Ramanujacharya Jayanthi which commenced on a grant note in Annamacharya Kalamandiram at Tirupathi on Tuesday, he said, all the kainkaryams were introduced and streamlined by Sri Ramanujacharya across all Sri […]

Sri Anantalwar for Pushpa Kainkaryam in Tirumala

Sri Anantalwar, the great disciple of Sri Ramanuja Charya pioneered Pushpakainkaryam in Tirumala and expressed his devotion towards Lord Venkateswara, said CVSO Sri A Ravikrishna. The 964th Anantalwar Aradhanotsavam was held at Purasaivari Tota in Tirumala on Sunday. The CVSO who took part in the spiritual fete said, Anantalwar stood as an example of an […]

Ramanuja Sadas in Polachi – 27, 28 February 2017

As a part of the millennium birth anniversary celebrations of Bhagavat Sri Ramanujacharya, special sadas has been arranged by Alwar Divya Prabandha Project of TTD in Pollachi of Tamilnadu on February 27 and 28. The project special officer Sri Chokkalingam is supervising the arrangements. ISSUED BY THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, TTDs, TIRUPATI

5th Phase Ramanuja Sanchara Radham from 25 January to 31 January 2017 in Tamil Nadu

The fifth phase of Sri Ramanuja Sanchara Radham will be from January 25 to 31 in various places at Tamilnadu. This will cover Tanjore, Tiruvayur, Nagapatnam, Mailandidurai etc. On January 25 in Tiruvannamalai, 27th Kumbakonam, 29th Nagapatnam, 31st Mailandidurai, the celestial Srinivasa Kalyanams will be performed, The Alwar Divya Prabandha Project special officer Sri Chokkalingam […]

Ramanujacharya Sadas by TTD in January 2017

Ramanujacharya Sadas by TTD in January 2017… As a grand tribute to the great Sri Vaishnava Saint Sri Ramanuja Charya on his millennium birth anniversary, TTD is contemplating to convene a three-day sadas in a big way from January 3 to 5. A review meeting in this regard was held in the chambers of TTD EO […]

Bhashyakarla Utsavam in Tirumala Tirupati Temple

Bhashyakarla Utsavam in Tirumala Tirupati Temple – 1 May 2016.. The hill temple observed Bhashyakarla Utsavam in a celestial manner in Tirumala on Sunday. In view of the birth anniversary of the great Sri vaishnava saint Sri Ramanujacharya this fete will be observed for ten days every year in Tirumala shrine and also Sri Govindaraja […]

Sri Ramanujacharya Millennium birth anniversary by TTD

Sri Ramanujacharya Millennium birth anniversary by TTD.. The temple management of TTD is all set to observe the Millennium birth anniversary of saint Ramanujacharya for a year from this May to April 2017. A review meeting was held in the chambers of Tirupati Jeo Sri P Bhaskar in Tirupati on Monday evening with related departments. […]

Ramanujacharya Avatarotsavams by TTD

Ramanujacharya Avatarotsavams by TTD from 14 April to 24 April, 2015. The Avatarotsavams of ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara of 11th century who pioneered various rituals in Sri Tirumala temple, Sri Ramanujacharya will be observed from 14 to 24 of April across the southern states apart from Tirupati under the aegis of TTD’s Alwar Divya […]