Sri Sundarabahu

Sri Sundarabahu was the son of Maalaadhaara, and he was a staunch disciple, devotee and a strict follower of Sri Ramanuja, and his principles. He was very keen in spreading the Sri Vaishnavasim philosophies amongst the kings, scholars and the general public. He also participated in several debates, and with the blessings of his Guru Sri Ramanuja, he has won in those debates. He never used to eat the food without the permission of his Guru. Once, in order to test his Guru Bhakti, his Guru Sri Ramanuja didn’t give permission to him to eat food for three consecutive days. The great Sundarabahu has observed complete fasting for the entire three days, and he didn’t consume even a single drop of water!

Pleased by his Guru Bhakti, the other disciples and followers of Sri Ramanuja were considered him to be the divine aspect of Lord Vishnu himself! It is also believed that the great Sri Sundarabahu was an aspect of the beautiful Rose flower garland of Lord Vishnu.

After preaching Sri Ramanuja’s teachings in a simplified manner amongst the Vishnu devotees for many years, finally, at his old age, Sri Sundarabahu has merged with Lord Vishnu, and reached the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta.

Some of the simple and wonderful teachings of Sri Sundarabahu are as follows:-

1. In the face of my Guru Sri Ramanujacharya, I am able to see the face of my beloved god Vishnu himself, please believe, that our Holy Guru Ramanujacharya is one of the powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu!

2. When your Guru teaches the best things to you, then why can’t you consider him as the god!

3. Without attaining the grace of the Guru, we cannot get the grace of the god!

4. Our Guru acts as a mediator between us and the great Lord Vishnu!

5. Chanting the glorious names of Lord Vishnu would do lot of wonders in the lives of his devotees.

6. Our mouth should talk only in praise of Lord Vishnu, our ears should hear only the songs of Lord Vishnu, our legs should march only to the temples of Vishnu, and our entire body must surrender before the holy feet of Lord Vishnu.

7. During your free time, read lot of bhakti texts like Bhagavatham, Vishnu Purana and Bhagavat Gita, in order to improve your spiritual knowledge.

8. Spirituality can be developed only through constant practice by adopting the bhakti path.

9. Always see the god on your soul itself, and this can be attained only by adopting sincere faith and bhakti on the almighty.


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