Ashtamudi Lake, the center of attraction during Onam

Kollam can be best described as a miniature version of Kerala. It imbibes the best of what Kerala has to offer as a tourist destination. Its beauty is highlighted by the Ashtamudi Lake that has an enchanting green spread around its banks. Kollam is not among the usual Kerala tourist guides, i.e. it is more of a secret destination that not many people know about.

Understanding that the Astamudi Lakes are the main tourist destination in the district and have the potential to attract global travelers, District Administration and District Tourism Promotion Council eventually decided to host a boat. This was organized in honor of the President of India and helped this region to emerge among the most popular travel destinations in India.

The venue has been scheduled as the Gateway of Ashtamudi. This is the popular boat jetty located near the bust station. The race is scheduled to start from the nearby Thevally Palace, near the water column.

The finishing point has been fixed at the frond of the houseboat terminal. The track comprises of the distance between these two points which measures nearly 1250 m in length.

Chundan Vallams are popularly regarded as the Navy boast of the Chempakasserry. The length of these boats is usually more than 100 feet and at one time, it can support nearly a 100 folks aboard. The boat is nicely balanced, with both its ends raised from the water. Rear end of the boat is usually 20 feet from the water surface.

The seating position on the boat is such that nearly 86 people have to row. These are the rowers while there are four people designated for steering the vessels.

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