Thumbi Thullal makes women folk engaged in fun during Onam festivity

Onam festivity is not just Onasadya, boat race or Valamkali and floral carpet or Pookalam. There is much more joy and fun associated with Onam in the form of games. There are many games that are exclusively for men folks and children. One such game that exclusively engages the women folks during the Onam season is Thumbi Thullal.

Thumbi Thullal is a dance and singing event that is performed by the women folks in Kerala during the occasion of Onam festivity. In order to have their share of fun, womenfolk perform Thumbi Thullal while men folk engage themselves in energetic sports.

For the event of Thumbi Thullal, the women folk wear their best sarees or Kerala set sarees, fragrant gajras and stunning jewelery. They look at their best on their mirror for this particular event. In the formation of circle, a group of women sit to play Thumbi Thullal.

In this event, a lead female singer perfectly initiates a popular song in her melodious voice by singing just the first couplet. This particular first couplet is taken up by other women. Then the song after song with the lead singer sequence continues. It is really melodies to hear all those popular and evergreen songs sung by the lead singer and other participating singer in their sweet voices.

The onlookers really enjoy this movement and appreciate the singers with claps. The sound of claps and word of appreciation really encourages the participants to get involved in this event joyfully and merrily.

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