Story of Dasharatha & Shani

Lord Shani dev

The story of Dasharatha & Shani is also mentioned in Padma Purana’s Uttara Khanda. The story is a discussion between Narada Maharshi and Mahadeva. Sage Narada curiously asked Lord Mahadeva as to what made Shani such a volatile planet. Lord Mahadeva replied — Shani is extremely violent by nature and everybody is scarred of this […]

Ashtama Shani | Effects of Sani in 8th House

Lord Shani dev

Ashtami Shani is having Shani (Saturn) in 8th house either from Lagna chart (Natal chart) or Rashi (Moon sign). Among the 12 houses, the 8th house is known as highly inauspicious and brings utter distress to the native. 8th House denotes Longevity, comfort, insult, property through relatives after their death, life insurance, sorrow face, death, difficulties, […]

Shani Shingnapur Thailabhishekam | Oil Bath to Shani Bhagavan with our own hands

Let’s cheerfully perform oil bath to Lord ShaniDev on our own hands and especially we can do the holy work at Sri Shani Shingnapur temple, which is considered to be the most famous temple of justice god Sri Shani Bhagavan. Few Years back, even few ladies were visited the famous Shani Shingnapur shrine of Lord […]

Shani Jayanti Puja in Shani Temples

Shani Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Lord Shani Devi, is celebrated with lot of gusto in Shani temples across India. Especially in Shani Shingnapur Shani Mahadev Temple and Mathura Shani Dev Mandir, a large number of devotees gathered to worship Shani and offered special pujas to the Lord of fate. Shani Jayanti 2022 date is […]

Shani Mantra for Shani Dosha Nivarana (To please Lord Shani)

Lord Shani dev

This particular powerful mantra needs to be recited with dedication and devotion and with proper rituals. It is highly advised to get it done through an acharya ot pandit. Those who are facing difficulties in life in the personal and professional front can recite this particular Mantra. Shani Jayanti, Shani Amavasya, or any Saturday (Shanivar), […]

Shani Jayanti 2022 | Shani Dev Jayanti

Lord Shani dev

Shani Jayanti (Shanishwara Jayanti) is the first appearance day of Lord Shani Dev. Shani Dev is considered as an important among Navagrahas, Nine celestial Gods in Hinduism. In 2022, Shani Jayanti date is May 30. Shani Jayanti falls on Amavasya in Jyeshta Month (Jyeshta Amavasya) as per North Indian Hindi calendars. It falls on Amavasya […]

Famous Shani Temples | Temples dedicated to Lord Sani

Lord Shani dev

Here is the list of famous Shani temples in India. Among all, Shanishingnapur Temple in Maharashtra, Tirunallar Shani temple in Tamil Nadu, Mandapalli Shani temple in Andhra Pradesh are most popular temples dedicated to Lord Shani. It is to note that regular Saturday (Shanivaar), Shani Trayodasi, Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti are the best or […]

Miracle of Shani Bhagawan

lord shani

Vinayak Reddy was a great devotee of Lord Saneeswara and he was born in the year 1945 in Cuddapah at Andhra Pradesh. He belonged to a wealthy Reddy family, and his father was doing garment trading business at his own store. Vinayak was a good person and after finishing his studies, he joined along with […]

Calling Lord Shani to our Homes on Saturdays

Lord Shani dev

Lord Shani Dev is the god of justice, and hence, we must willfully call him to our homes on Saturdays, and we must compulsorily worship him, especially on Saturdays, in order to get his entire grace. Shani Dev used to correctly calculate our karmic deeds, and based on that, he would give either sufferings or […]

Manda | Dhamini | Consort of Lord Shani

Manda also called as Dhamini is the consort of Lord Shani and mother of Gulikan. She is a Gandharva princess and she is the goddess of art and the worshipper of Mata Saraswati Devi. Her expert in dance cannot be compared with anyone in the entire universe. She is the daughter of the Kantharva King […]

Neela | Neelima | Shani Bhagwan’s Consort

Neela is known as Neelima and is the consort of Lord Shani. She is the goddess of Sapphire. She has got great powers and gives her powers to Lord Shanidev for disclosing his duties in a proper manner. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that she firstly misunderstood Shani and became Shani’s enemy. But, due […]

Story of Lord Shani (Shani Dev Katha)

lord shani

Story of Lord Shani (Shani Dev Katha) is explained here. Lord Shani is one of the Navagrahas, nine planet Gods in Hinduism. As regards the birth of Shani, there are different stories. Foremost and accepted is the one in the ancient ‘Skanda Purana’ of ‘Kasi Khanda’ which is as follows. God Soorya was married to […]

Maandi & Kuligan | Sons of Shani Bhagawan

Maandi and Kuligan are the sons of Lord Shani Bhagavan. Their idols are found along with Lord Shani and his two consorts in Ramanathaswami Temple at Thirunaraiyur, Tamil Nadu. Maandi and Kuligan were born from the powers of Lord Shani Dev, and they are associated mainly with south Indian astrology, especially in Kerala. It is […]

Shani Peyarchi Predictions 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Shani Peyarchi 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, Shani Peyarchi Predictions 2020-2023, Predictions ofShani Peyarchi to Vrischika Rashi from Tula Rashi 2020-2023. Saturn Transit, Shani Sankramanam, Shani Peyarchi or Shani Gocharam means the Saturn’s transition from one Rasi (zodiac sign) to the next zodiac. Usually, Shani Transition occurs once in 2.5 years. In 2020-2023 periods, Shani’s transition […]

According to Astrology, how long does planet Saturn affect someone

According to Astrology, how long does planet Saturn affect someone? Astrology is a science pertaining to the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm. It speaks about how the far away planets like Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto are connected to our planet, our human existence, and the entire creation, ranging from birds to grains to […]

Shani Trayodashi | 2 February 2019

2 February 2019 is Shani Trayodashi. Shani Trayodashi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shani (Shanishwara Bhagavan). It falls in Pushya Masam as per Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati calendars but in Magha Month as per all North Indian Hindu calendars (Purnimant Panchangams). It falls in Makara Masam of Malayalam calendar, Thai Masam of […]

Shani Trayodashi – 19 August 2017 | Shani Pradosham

19 August 2017 is Shani Trayodashi (Shani Pradosha Vratham). Shani Trayodashi is an auspicious day for Shani Puja. It is a Trayodashi which falls on Shanivar (Saturday). Shani Trayodashi of 19 August falls in Bhadrapdad Month in North Indian Hindi calendars; Shravan Month in Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Gujarati calendars; Bhadra Month in Bengali calendar; […]

Shani Dosha Nivrutthi – Kalabhairava Swamy Temple

Shani Dosha Nivrutthi can be attained by lighting a deepam at Kalabhairava Swamy Temple on Ashtami day. As per the Omkaram program in Zee Telugu, Shri DeviShri Guruji prescribed this remedy for those who are suffering from Shani Dosham. The performers need to light deepam in a clay diya by placing an iron piece in […]

Shani Jayanti, 30 May 2022

30 May 2022 is Shani Jayanti (Shaneschara Jayanti). It falls on Amavasya in Jyeshta Month in North Indian calendar and in Vaishakha Month as per Amavasyant calendars of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Shani Jayanti is celebrated with utmost gusto and fervor in Shanischara Temples all around India. Shani Shingnapur Shani Bhagavan Temple in […]

Shani Amavasya Puja, Sani Amavas Pooja

Shani Amavasya is the Amavasya day that falls on a shanivar or Saturday. Some Hindu communities consider Amavasya as inauspicious day and the Amavasya that falls on Saturday is even more inauspicious day. But the Hindu communities that follow Sauramana Calendar (Solar Calendar) consider Amavasya as auspicious. They worship Lord Shani, who is the supreme […]