Calling Lord Shani to our Homes on Saturdays

Lord Shani dev

Lord Shani dev

Lord Shani Dev is the god of justice, and hence, we must willfully call him to our homes on Saturdays, and we must compulsorily worship him, especially on Saturdays, in order to get his entire grace. Shani Dev used to correctly calculate our karmic deeds, and based on that, he would give either sufferings or happiness to us. Some people are ignoring to worship Lord Shani Bhagavan, by thinking that he would always cause troubles in their life.

If a child commits any mistake, immediately his mother would try to correct the child, by giving a small slap on his hand. She is doing that, in order to make the child to understand his mistake, and also to prevent him from doing such kind of mistakes in future.

Similar to that, the great Lord Shaneeswara is also giving some troubles in our life, in order to correct ourselves, in the future. Lot of songs and Videos are available in YouTube channel on Shani Bhagavan. People can watch those videos and can worship him sincerely. Saturdays are considered as most auspicious days for worshipping Lord Shani. Food items made out of Black Sesame seeds is very much liked by Lord Shani. We must have to keep the picture of Lord Shani in our puja room, and must chant his mantra, “OM SRI SHANEESWARAYA NAMAHA”, in order to add sweetness in our lives.

In ancient period, every Saturday, people used to decorate their homes with flowers and flower garlands, and they also used to do puja and offer Prasad items to Lord Shani. By taking some form, like crow/dog, Lord Shani would willfully eat the Prasad items. Since they have done it wholeheartedly, the great Lord had accepted it. But nowadays, due to the lack of interest in doing pujas to Lord Shani, we are finding it very difficult to run our life. Our life is surrounded with full of miseries and sorrows. In order to avoid such kind of hardships in our lives, we must have to worship Lord Shani Devi, at least on Saturdays, by considering him as an aspect of Lord Shiva.


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