Maandi & Kuligan | Sons of Shani Bhagawan

Maandi and Kuligan are the sons of Lord Shani Bhagavan. Their idols are found along with Lord Shani and his two consorts in Ramanathaswami Temple at Thirunaraiyur, Tamil Nadu.

Maandi and Kuligan were born from the powers of Lord Shani Dev, and they are associated mainly with south Indian astrology, especially in Kerala. It is told that, Maandi and Kuligan bring negative results to us. But it is not like that, they are the divine sons of the justice god Lord Shani Dev, and they would give good or bad results, only based on our past birth deeds.

Maandi and Kuligan contain their father’s features, and would give only correct justice, and the calculations made by them would never go wrong.By worshipping Maandi and Kuligan along with Shani Dev, the severity of the problem would be reduced to some extent, and we would get the withstanding power to face any kind of problems in our life.

It is suggested to visit the Thirunaraiyur Temple, and worship the family of Lord Shani Dev, in order to get relieved from the bad planetary positions, and to get all kinds of prosperity in our life.

Let us worship the divine sons and be blessed.

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