According to Astrology, how long does planet Saturn affect someone

According to Astrology, how long does planet Saturn affect someone?

Astrology is a science pertaining to the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm. It speaks about how the far away planets like Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto are connected to our planet, our human existence, and the entire creation, ranging from birds to grains to stones.

The ancient people had found a connection between the planets and our body. For example, Saturn is connected to our teeth, and legs; the Sun is connected with our eyes. They also saw the connection with different grains, birds and stones in the universe. Saturn is connected with sesame seeds, crows and blue sapphires.

In today’s age, we can find out how big the universe is with the help of powerful binoculars and telescopes. However, the ancient people knew about it at that time (when there were no telescopes), and they wrote all about it. All their calculations are in place and are accurate even today. They have written the time (including seconds) when the eclipse will happen; it is amazing. Astrology as a science has not been explored very well in this modern age.

Yes, Saturn affects people’s lives. If you are undergoing a particular Saturn period, the period is going to affect you and your mind. However, does Saturn always affect us in a bad way? No! Don’t think that the Saturn period is always bad. Saturn is a very spiritual planet.
If you are on the spiritual path, he (Saturn) can be good for you, he will elevate your life. If you have dispassion, he will help you more. If you are not on the spiritual path, he will create a problem so that you get on the spiritual path.

If you are caught up in the worldly life, he will trouble you so you get out of there and find the bigger wealth inside you. If you are too attached to something, Saturn will try to remove that attachment and push you. This is what happens to most people: they lose their job, relationship, reputation, they lose everything. Then they start searching, trying to figure out where to go? And then they come to the spiritual path!
So, Saturn will either give you inner wealth or outer wealth. If you are stuck to the outer wealth, he will push towards inner wealth. If you have inner wealth, he will give you outer wealth. He will give you more things outside.

Saturn takes 30 years to take one circle around the Sun, so it stays for around 2.5 years in each constellation or zodiac sign. The period can extend up to 5 years or 7.5 years. This is why people feel so desperate; they have a problem with their relationship, money, job, all sorts of problems for 2.5 years to 7.5 years.

It is a common saying in India, if someone is undergoing a big problem they say, ‘Saade Satti’, which means a person is undergoing a Saturn period of 7.5 years. (For little lesser problems, they say ‘dhaiya’, which means it is a Saturn period of 2.5 years.)

A Saturn period comes only twice in a lifetime, not more; maximum twice. It comes once in 30 years, so two times for 7 years. When it comes the second time, it is not that severe. One finds it very severe the first time, you feel so bad and the mind goes down, nothing feels right. This is when Jyotishi (astrology) comes to help. If you know that you are going through a particular period, then you wait for time to pass. You turn spiritual, you do more meditation, and all the practices that uplift you, elevate you, pull you through that tough period.

Again, it need not be bad for everybody. If you are already well established in the path, then it can give you lot of success also. It is fascinating to know about all the different planets, their nature, their effect, and their impact.

Hemant here has studied astrology deeply. When I was coming here, he said, ‘Gurudev, a transit (in the planetary position) is happening; there will be some problem in the air’, And a plane was shot down (referring to the Malaysian Airline shot down in Ukraine) yesterday. Thus, the planetary positions give indications; again, you cannot say that it will happen 100%. They only give an indication because there is always a grace element that can change anything, anywhere, anytime. This is the reason for spirituality or sadhana being a step higher than this knowledge.

Astrology is knowledge, it is a necessary knowing. However, there is something more remedial. Sadhna, satsang, devotion, are all remedial measures that help.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s Art of Living discourse.

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  1. Vaithiyanathaswami.B says:

    The Saturn period will be thrice in a life time and not twice. First 0-30 years, second 31-60 years and the third 61-90 years. If a child is born on Mesha Rasi and at that time if the Saturn is in either Meena Rasi or in Mesha Rasi or in rishabe rasi the child will have Saturn effect of Sati Sani from its birthtime.i.e 0-71/2 years. Second period will be 30 to 371/2 years and the third will be 60 to 671/2 years. Hence the narration needs correction.

  2. The Saturn period will be thrice in a life time and not twice as stated. First will be 0-30 years. Second 30 to 60 years and Third 60 -90 years. If a child is born on Mesha Rasi and the Saturn is positioned in either Meena Rasi or in Mesha Rasi Or in Rishabe Rasi, then the Saturn period for this child is his years of 0 to 71/2 years, second will be 30 to 371/2 years and the third will be 60 to 671/2 year. Hence the narration needs corrcection please.