Miracle of Shani Bhagawan

lord shani

lord shani

Vinayak Reddy was a great devotee of Lord Saneeswara and he was born in the year 1945 in Cuddapah at Andhra Pradesh. He belonged to a wealthy Reddy family, and his father was doing garment trading business at his own store. Vinayak was a good person and after finishing his studies, he joined along with his father’s business, and helped him to flourish the business. At his teenage, he got married and had a son with the name Ramgopal. His wife was a good natured lady and helped her husband in his business.

When Ramgopal has attained the age of 5, he got admitted him in a good school, and his mother would regularly carry him with her bicycle to the school and in the afternoon, she would again pick up Ramgopal from the school. One day afternoon, while she went into the school campus, she couldn’t find her son. She checked with the school management, but no one was given proper reply. She began to weep and informed the incident to her husband, and they lodged a complaint in the police station.

They prayed to Lord Saneeswara and chanted his holy names and mantra. Due to that, within two days, a police man had took their son Ramgopal to their home, and informed to them, that he was kidnapped by a few persons in a car from the school campus, and they preferred to sell him at Chennai to a wealthy man.

However, when they went for having a tea near Chennai Central Station, surprisingly, when the small boy Ramgopal tried to open the door, the locked door was opened, and he escaped from the car, and then he approached a police man who was on duty at central station, and informed him about the incidents in a tensed manner. Immediately the police man had informed the boy’s details to the regional police department, and they have taken necessary steps, and due to that, he was safely brought back to his home. After informing the incident to the parents, the policeman drank the tea given by Ramgopal’s mother and went away.

On hearing the words from the mouth of police man, joyful tears were flown from the eyes of the entire family, and they thanked Lord Saneeswara for showering his entire grace on Ramgopal, and within a few days, they went to Shani Shingnapur Temple, and performed oil bath in their own hands to Lord Saneeswara.

Let us worship the great Lord Sri Saneeswarar and be blessed.
“Om NilanjanaSamabhasam, RaviputramYamagrajam.
ChayaMartandaSambhutam, Tam NamamiShanescharam”

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