Karma in Kali Yuga

Karma is the cause and effect of the actions of the people, and in general,if we do good activities we would get good karma and good births. Whereas if we do bad activities, it would cause bad karma and we have to take several rebirths.

The popular term “KARMA” is mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism texts. In the previous Satya, Treta and Dwapara Yuga, people didn’t commit much mistakes, they used to spend their time in worshipping the god, doing good things to others and performing meditation on the almighty, and hence most of them were went to the heaven after their death.

But in this present Kali Yuga, due to the influence of the Demon Kali Purusha, most of the people are doing bad karmas either with or without their knowledge. Lot of People are getting addicted in doing bad activities like gambling, stealing other person’s property/money, making false promises, hurting others by words or by physically, sexual abuse etc. Still, some people would be doing good deeds through the grace of the almighty like providing food to the hungry people, regularly visiting the temples, showing kindness with others and doing social service activities etc. These types of people are considered as good people, and the good activities done by them are called as good Karmas.

In order to do good karmas in our life, we have to carefully read the Bhagavat Gita teachings given by Lord Krishna. In that, he tells, “In the Kali Yuga, people would definitely commit lot of sins in their life, and for that, they would be facing lot of troubles in their present life as well as in their subsequent births also. In order to get rid from their sins, people must have to live as per the path of Dharma, and they must allocate sufficient time in praying me, and must keep their mind only on me. So that, in course of time, they would be deeply involved only with my thoughts, and due to that, I would force them to do only good things in their life.

If a person keeps his full of devotion on Devas like Agni, Varuna, Indra, Vayu and Kubera, in course of time, after their death, they may live in the divine worlds of the Devas, only for a certain period of time. And after the completion of their good Karmas, they have to again take birth in the earth. But if a person sincerely worships me, he would be merged with me, and thereafter, for him, there is no need to worry about subsequent re-births”.

Hence let us live our life, as per the Bhagvad Gita Teachings of Lord Krishna, and let us always do good Karmas in our life and be blessed.


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