Birth & Death – Activity of Karma

Birth and death is a recurring activity in this world, and there is no end for our life cycle. After struggling for many years in this difficult earth, finally one day we are losing our life from the clutches of the death Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja. No one can escape from the great Lord Yama.

Some people would say that after their death, they would never take re-birth again in this earth. But actually that is not like that. Based on our karmic deeds, after our death, we have to take several types of births like plants, insects, birds, animals and finally as humans.

Without burning our karmas, it is not possible for us to reach the place of the almighty. Burning our karmas in one birth is very difficult. Through constant bhakti and meditation on god, we can try to avoid taking births again and again. Even after the end of the previous Dwapara Yuga, after the ancient city of Lord Krishna’s Dwaraka was sank in the seas, most of the places in the world were not sunk into the seas. And as soon as the Krishna’s Dwaraka city went inside the seas, the new Yuga Kaliyuga was formed. And there is no gap between one yuga and another yuga. It was happened approximately before 5000+odd years back.

Knowing about past births also is not possible. Hence, we must realize that we have got no super natural powers, and we must be humble and worshipful to the almighty. Births and deaths are not in our hands, and worrying about that is of no use. We should not take our life as a serious matter, and must be delightful and thankful with whatever we are eligible to receive from the god. At this present Kali yuga, attaining SALVATION is very difficult, since regularly we are committing sins whether knowingly or unknowingly.

It is believed that even the divine demi gods also are taking rebirths after their period of life is completed in the divine worlds. Excepting a few notable saintly people, others would be taking births in this earth without an end. Hence let us regularly pray to the almighty to place us near to him at his divine world permanently in order to avoid taking re-births.


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