Sage Cikanti

Cikanti was an ancient sage who lived before thousand years ago. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and he lived in a small Ashram at Srilanka near Kathirkamam Murugan Temple. Daily morning, he used to worship Lord Murugain the temple, and then only he used to have his breakfast.

Once while he was meditating Lord Muruga, nearby the temple, one roaring lion tried to attack him. Immediately one gigantic wild peacock appeared in front of the lion, and chased it away from that place. Sage Cikanti came to about this miraculous incident through his spiritual powers, and immediately joyful tears were flown from his eyes, and he sung several songs in praise of Lord Muruga. In appreciation to his bhakti, Lord Muruga appeared before him and blessed him.

Sage Cikanti also relieved the diseases and sins of his devotees, and showed them the spiritual path. He also inculcated the “MURUGA BHAKTI” in the minds of his followers and disciples, and gave them the everlasting bliss in their lives.

After rendering noble service to the society and to the almighty for several years, after his death, sage Cikanti had attained salvation due to the grace of Lord Muruga.

Some of the contents contained in his sweet poems are as follows:

1. Lord Muruga can be known in various names, and chanting his names is very simple.

2. Lord Muruga contains super natural powers similar to that of his parents Shiva and Shakti, and he has shown his Viswaroopa Darshan to some of his devotees.

3. We can get great satisfaction by chanting the mantras and names of Lord Muruga, and by the way of doing that, we would forget all of our mental worries and our life would go smoothly.

4. Our reasonable needs would always be fulfilled by Lord Muruga, and he would never leave us alone.

5. We can worship Lord Muruga in his famous temples, and can enjoy his divine beauty in his shrines.

6. Our life would become useless if we didn’t worship Lord Muruga.

7. Our bad thoughts and bad behaviour would be destroyed by the divine spear of Lord Muruga.

8. Let us deeply involve ourselves in the spiritual thoughts of Lord Muruga.

9. Why we have to get fear, when Lord Muruga is near.


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