Vagambhrini | Rishika Vak Ambhrni | Composer of Devi Suktam

Vak Ambhrni was the mighty daughter of Rishi Ambhrina. She is also known as Vagambhrini, who is a famous female rishi, and her details are widely mentioned in the Rig Veda. She also contributed some portions of texts in the Rig Veda and in the Sama Veda (10.125). She wrote various mantras, which is still recited by the temple priests in various famous temples in India.

She has written many poems, and sung beautiful songs in praise of the deities, and she is considered as one of the ancient poets of the ancient India.

Her collection of divine songs is known as VakSookta, which is also called as Devi Sookta.

She is an ardent devotee of Ma Shakti Devi, and through her songs, she had praised her.

Vaak Ambhrni used to frequently converse with Ma Durga Devi, through her spiritual powers. She is a woman of chastity, beauty and purity.

Some of the verses from the divine poem, VakSookta are as follows:

1. Oh! Ma Durga, you have been called by various names, and you contain divine beauty.

2. Oh! My Divine mother. Please remove the diseases of all of your devotees, by your soft touch, and give a great spiritual pleasure to them.

3. Oh! Ma Shakti Devi, you have been praised in the great Purana, Devi Mahatmya, as the wish fulfilling divine mother, and you have been considered as the supreme goddesses among all other deities.

4. Oh! Ma Devi, please Visit the homes of your devotees, and bless all of your devotees.

5. Oh! Ma Shakti. Please Remove the bad behaviour of the people, and give them spiritual enlightenment.

6. Oh! The holy consort of Lord Shiva. Please clear all of my sins, and give me salvation.

7. Oh! Ma Devi, you have killed lot of powerful demons and maintained peace and prosperity in the universe.

8. Oh! Ma Durga, your powers are unlimited and a never diminishing one. Please protect us and safeguard us throughout our life.

9. Oh! Ma Kali, please save the innocent people from their enemies, and give us great spiritual energy in this difficult Kali Yuga.


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  1. Priyadarshi says:

    Very sad. Your translation of devi sukta is wrong. Also, she praised “speech” through an advaita concept, which is referred as a revered Divine Goddess.

    • KN Reddy says:

      Yes I agree. He totally ignored what she, the great Rishika, Vagambhrini gave the human civilisation thru Devi Suktham. The very essence of god as Devi/Brahman was proposed by her long before anyone including Adi Shankaracharya’s Advaitha.

      • N S Giri says:

        yes, true. Sri Swami Sarvapriyananda (Vedanta society, New York: of R K Mission, Belur Math) has given a wonderful discourse on this. “A Hymn to the Devi – Deviksuktam”. That may be listened to get a right perspective on this.

  2. Achala Guruji says:

    Please strengthen yourself before attempting to comment and write about such great literatures. Vagabrini is the first saint to introduce Advaitha.