Kakabhushundi | Rishi Kakbhushundi Katha

Kakabhushundi is a rishi and his details are mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.The great saint Sri Tulsidas was mentioned about him in his famous text Ramcharitmanas. Due to the curse ofRishiLomasa, he has transformed into a crow, and decided to live the rest of his life in that form itself. Through Rishi Lomasa, he has learned about the details of Lord Rama, and became a great devotee of him.

He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and narrated the incidents of Ramayana to other sages.  He contains many good qualities and is considered as one of the Chiranjivis who would live in this earth till the end of this Kali Yuga. He used to visit the homes of the devotees of Rama, in his crow form, and watch their puja and chanting of Rama mantra. He will also present in the Ramayan Devotional Lectures, similar to Lord Hanuman, and eagerly listen it, with joyful tears falling from his eyes, and used to chant the Rama Mantra “JAI SRI RAM”.


As per the legend, he has taken many births and he finally born as a Brahmin scholar, and contains great knowledge in vedas, shastras and other sacred texts. He has turned into a crow due to a rishi’s curse.

Being an ardent devotee of Rama, he was blessed by Lord Rama for a long life span with great spiritual powers.It is also believed that those who chant the Rama Mantra, would get the blessings from the divine sage Sri Kakabhushundi, and would prosper in their life. And it is believed that, he still praises the importance of Lord Rama, and singing songs on him. He has got the power to visit any Loka at any time, including the three divine worlds, Brahma Lok, Vaikunta and Kailasa.

His love and bhakti on Rama can be compared with Lord Hanuman, who is also a great devotee of Lord Rama.

Let us worship the great sage and be blessed.






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    So from this story,we could realise that devotion to god is not alone pertaining to humans, but bird like crow is blessed with powers to move about threelokas any time for its devotion ,sacheelamu his immeasurable devotion to Rama ,he was blessed by Rama, Sri Kakbhushundi .It went on preaching Rama toall animals ,birds, creatures at kakabhushundi Ashram in a deep forest .When a crow could flames of devtion among its friends, why not humans, with vivek, vierag, vudaaratha, love,devotion to God lit the light of spirituality to spread good thoughts, honst life style specially among youth who are in a society with a cisis in human values. Pranams to Lord Rama TQ