Hinduism is a Meaningful Religion

Hinduism is a Meaningful Religion… Our holy Hinduism is a meaningful religion, and it contains lot of good features like following of ancient traditions, customs, beliefs and it has its own value. Lot of saints, sages, avatars and aspects of the god were lived in this earth, and still they are living in an invisible form, and protecting their devotees throughout their life time. In order to understand our Hindu religion, first, the significance of it must be known from our ancient texts like Vedas, Puranas and Ithikasas. Without studying these types of wonderful things, still some non-believers of god are criticising it. Some time back, one person has spoken badly about our holy Lord Nandikeswarar, and he tells, that, if people worship a bull as a god, then I would never hesitate in eating that god itself!

Some years back, the famous poet Kannadasan has written a wonderful book in praise of our holy Hinduism, and he has also given a nice name for that book, “ARTHAMULLA HINDU MADHAM”, which means, ‘meaningful Hindu Religion’, and he has written several parts for that book also, and it received a very good response from the spiritual enthusiasts and also by other religious people, due to the poet’s good writing style. He has written the book in a simple and in a straight forward manner, in order to make even a layman to understand it easily.

In order to oppose that nice work written by the poet Kannadasan, a group of non-believers who used to continuously criticise mostly our Hindu Religion, have published a book with the name, “ARTHAMILLA HINDU MADHAM”, which means “MEANINGLESS HINDU RELIGION”, and it was published several years before. In that book, the author has mentioned our Lord Krishna and Ma Draupati in a bad manner, which our Hindus could not tolerate. But as usual, they have tolerated it, since most of the Hindus are to be considered as “SOFT NATURED”.

Our Holy Hinduism is not a weaker religion, though our ancient religion is being practiced mainly in India. Recently when two people from a political party were given some speech about the Muslim Founder and Leader, The great Prophet Mohammed, immediately they were removed from the party, and they were also criticised for their remarks. Even we also have to strongly condemn them for their speeches, but at the same time, when someone from our own country, speak badly about our near and dear Lord Krishna, no action is being taken against them! Is it good to encourage such kind of acts?

Still now people who belongs to some political party, are giving very bad remarks about our Lord Krishna, by saying him as a “DIVINE RAPIST”, and those political party people are behaving like this for many years, even, since from our Independence. Before some years, when the picture of Lord Rama was severely beaten up by some political people using slippers, did anybody has taken strong action against those so-called ‘Good People’? When Lord Muruga was severely criticised by a YouTube person, by giving bad remarks about him, and also when he spoke bad about the contents present in our Holy Skanda Shasti Kavasam, did anybody criticised him for his acts(Except a few Hindu people, including me!). He was arrested for a few days only just for name sake, and after that, at present he is enjoying his full freedom, by again and again speaking badly about our Hindu deities and about our Hindu religion? For his bad acts, did anyone have taken strong and stringent action against him?

No! No big action was taken against him, and due to these types of people, our Holy Hinduism is being badly targeted!

My humble request placed before the Government is to take sufficient action against those who make derogatory comments against our Holy Hinduism and our Holy Sanatana Dharma.

I am also placing my humble request before those so-called damagers of Hinduism, hereafter not to talk badly about our ancient Hindu religion, about our sacred Sanatana Dharma, about our Hindu deities and about our ancient beliefs, customs, traditions and rituals!

In fact, I am even ready to fall on to the feet of those persons, in order to stop doing these types of bad acts.

Once, when our Holy spiritual person Sri Pasumpon Muthu Ramalinga Devar was able to criticise the acts of the Hindu enemies, at present, why we are keeping quiet! When someone makes some comment about the great Prophet Mohammed, and for that, if the entire Islam countries and the entire Muslim brothers get angry over the issue, then, why we are shutting up tightly our mouth, when we hear the bad comments about our Holy Hindu deities?

Don’t we take salt while eating our food? Don’t we feel ashamed for our act? Don’t we feel that we are all the sons and daughters of the great Lord Brahma Deva?

In general, most of the Hindus are thinking only about their welfare and about their family welfare. They want to simply eat food, relax themselves before fan or Air conditioners, sharing witty jokes with their family, relatives or friends, and simply going to the bed at the end of the day!

We must always realize about the great sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Tirupur Kumaran, and V.O.Chidambaranar and also about our brave queens like Jhansi Rani, Ahalya Bai and Rani Chenamma who has put lot of efforts for the welfare of our Hindu religion.

When someone comments about our beloved Lord Krishna by mentioning him as a rapist, we used to maintain strict silence, when someone makes bad remarks about our loving mother Ma Draupati, even then we would consider it just like a joke, when our divine parent, Lord Brahma is being criticised by some people for having four heads, and even if we take that issue also to be a funny matter, then in future, our dear Hindu enemies might even comment badly about our own biological mothers and sisters!

Though some Hindus are putting lot of pressure to uplift our Holy Hinduism and to protect it from Hindu enemies, yet, all of us have to strongly condemn and must raise our voice, when someone speak badly about our Hindu religion or about our Hindu deities. We must understand one thing that the comforts and luxuries which we enjoy now, would be lost by us on some other day, especially during the time of our death. Our life is not permanent! We would have to definitely suffer for our bad acts, and if we simply pass our life, without doing any goodness for our own mother religion, then that is also considered to be a sinful act before the eyes of the god, and for that, we would surely suffer during the time of our death, and also we would suffer a lot in our forthcoming births also!

Mostly even we used to find fault with the god, during our difficult times, and I also used to daily find fault with him with respect to his creation work. But that type of mannerism must be considered only as a small fight between the children and the parents, since sometimes even fight leads to strong attachment and bondage!

I don’t want Hindus to take a stick and to fight with the non-believers of the god! At least they can express their strong opposition against the statements raised by those people, and must make them to realize that our Hinduism is an ancient, good and a gentle religion. We ourselves can change our miseries and sorrows into happiness, if we keep constant faith and devotion towards the god. Without concentrating him, then how could we expect him to help us? Even if we ask something to our father and mother, then only they would do some favour to us. Likewise, we have to keep on offering prayers to the god, on all the 365 days in a year and for all the 24 hours in a day, since prayers would do lot of wonders in our life.

If we also want to be the pure devotees of the almighty like the great Prahalada and Dhruva, we have to read our holy texts of Hinduism regularly, and by doing that, most of our doubts about our holy “SANATANA DHARMA”, would be correctly known.


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