Tamil Smartha Brahmins Sub castes

Classification by Sub castes among Smartha Brahmins
Iyers know that they are divided in to several sub castes.Once upon a time, each of these sub castes considered themselves as the most superior and did not marry from other subcastes. If I have left out some caste sub division or wrongly classified, please inform me so that I can correct my mistake..
1.Vadama which is divided in to a.Vada Desathu Vadama b.Then Desathu Vadama c.Inji d.Sabhayar e.Thummagunta Dravida
2.Brihacharanam is divided in to a.Kandarmanikkam b.Milanganur c.Mangudi d.Mazhanadu e.Pazhamaneri f.Musanadu g.Kolathur h.Marudancheri i.Sathyamangalam j.Puthur Dravida Sishu h..Thiruvannamalai
3. Vadhyamas (Eighteen village Vattimas) divided in to a.Kaniyala b.Viliya c.Kesika(Hiranya Kesigal) d.Prathamashaka
4.Ashta Sahasram is divided in to a.Athiyur b.Arivarpade c.Shatkulam d.Nandavadi
7.Chidambaram Deekshithars
8.Mukkani Brahmins of Thiruchendhur
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