Sins as per Hinduism

As per Hinduism, Sins done by the people whether knowingly or unknowingly are subjected to severe punishment during their life time as well as after their death. Harming others by physically or even verbally, would also subject to a sinful activity.

Doing sins cannot be avoided fully in our human life, since harming the small insects like ants also is considered as a sinful activity. Though it cannot be fully controlled by us, but at least, we can avoid harming others and making unnecessary rumours about other people, finding fault for small, small things with the people, disrespecting the poor and the under privileged people, harming the women either through physically or verbally, causing murders and attacking other religious people etc.

Most of the people are not aware of the punishment that they are going to get after their death. The nature of punishment would be severe, and the sinners cannot escape from the clutches of the death god Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja. Our each and every good as well bad activity is carefully noted by the divine accountant Sri Chitragupta, and based on that, we would get the good or bad result in this life as well as during our next birth.

Some people may think that they can do lot of sins in their young age, and during their old age, they can get the forgiveness of their sins from the god, by doing good things at their later stages of life. But that is not at all possible, since our good and bad deeds are separately analysed, and they are not mixed together.

For good deeds, we would be getting good results in our life, and simultaneously for the bad deeds committed in our previous births, and in our present birth, we would have to suffer from uncertain changes in our life, like prolonged illness, early death of parents, sickness of wife, disobedience of children and loss of job etc.

Though our entire fate had already been written by the god, at least from our side, we can try to do good things in our life like, regular worship on god, doing dedicated service to the society, showing kindness and gentleness over others. Greatly respecting women, and treating them as the avatars of Ma Shakti, and helping them to come forward in their life etc.
Hence, let us pray to the almighty to make us into good people, and let him shower his grace on us for ever.


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