Ancient Martial Arts

Martial Art is an art of handling weapons. This type of art is in practice since the previous Dwapara Yuga. In the Mahabharata, it was mentioned, that Guru Dhrona taught Martial arts to the Pandavas and Kauravas during their young age. King Alexandar, Ashoka and Chandragupta were also well trained in martial arts, and due to that, they have become powerful kings. During the time of ancient marriages, parents would marry their daughters to the bridegroom only if he is well trained in martial arts. Martial art covers handling various kinds of weapons, and also fighting and taming of bulls.

Jallikattu is a kind of martial arts in which a bull would be released in the crowd of brave people, and those brave participants would try to prove their strength by keeping their hands tightly on the back of the bull and would try to control it. Participants sometimes would lose their lives, during the Jallikattu event. This sports activity is also performed in order to honour Lord Nandikeswara, divine attendant of Lord Shiva, who appears in the form of a holy bull.

Jallikattu would be mostly conducted in the villages of Tamil Nadu during the time of Pongal festival. However, animal rights groups regularly raise their voice, in order to put an end to these types of sports.

The court put an order to stop this sport but by considering the people’s interest in this brave sport, a new ordinance was made in the year 2017 to continue the sport. Jallikattu was there in practice since ancient times. We can see the paintings of Jallikattu in some ancient temples. During ancient periods, in order to get married to a bride, the bridegroom must first win in the Jallikattu sport, and then only he would be able to tie the knot to the bride.

Bull is considered as an aspect of Lord Nadhikeswarar, and whoever treat the animal bull with great respect, and treat them properly, would be blessed by Lord Nandhi Bhagavan, who is none other than the holy incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Jallikattu though a brave sport, but it still creates fear in the minds of the people, since during the event, either the animal or the Jallikattu player would face severe wounds on their body. Hence before entering into these types of sports, the players must be properly trained, and they must have to sincerely worship Lord Nandi Bhagavan, in order to win in the event.

Ancient kings would award lot of price money to those who win in the Jallikattu event. At present in the state of Tamil Nadu, the winners are rewarded suitably, and they are praised by others. Hence let us encourage this kind of sports activity and let us help the animals like bull, dogs and cats by feeding them properly.


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