Kiratamurti, Lord Shiva as Hunter (Shiva Presented Pashupathastra to Arjuna)

Kiratamurti is the form of Lord Shiva where he appears as the hunter in the epic of Mahabharata. The cause behind this form of Kiratamurthi is to present Arjuna the most powerful weapon called Pashupatastra. Lord Shiva grants this weapon to Arjuna, because of the fact that Arjuna needs to accumulate the strength of divine […]

Ekapada Murthy | Ekapada Shiva | One Footed Aspect of Lord Shiva

Ekapada Murthy is one of the forms of Lord Shiva. In this form, Lord Shiva would be having only one leg which denotes that Shiva is holding the entire universe, through his single leg.The idol of this form of Lord Shiva is found in some temples of Odisha, and also in some ancient Shiva temples […]

Kamadahana Murthy | Lord Shiva who burnt Kamadeva into Ashes

Once, Ma Shakti Devi was born as Dakshayini, to Lord Daksha. She got married with Lord Shiva and their marriage was not accepted by Daksha, due to the peculiar characteristics of Lord Shiva, like wandering in the burial grounds, living in the company of ghosts etc. Once Lord Daksha conducted a Yagna, and excluding his […]

Sarpa Abharana Moorthy | Lord Shiva wearing Snake Vasuki on his neck

Lord Shiva is also called as Sarpa Abharana Moorthy, since he wears a pious snake around his neck. The reason for wearing the snake Vasuki on his neck is to show that he would always protect his devotees from difficulties and dangers, and also safeguards them from snake bites and from poisonous fevers. The Divine […]

Ananda Thandava Moorthy | Lord Shiva in Blissful Dancing Form


Lord Shiva is also known as Ananda Thandava Moorthy, since he joyfully performs dance from his holy abode Kailash, by squeezing the dwarf demon Muyalakan on his left foot, in order to remove the ignorance from his mind, and also to give great spiritual pleasure to him. Lord Shiva also happily dances in order share […]

Tripada Trimurti: Lord Shiva as Three footed Trinity

Trimurthi is the trinity of three deities Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Tripada Trimurthi is the form of Lord Shiva where he is described along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu forming the trinity. In the Tripada Trimurthi form, the legs of Vishnu and Shiva are seen, that is the reason it is called […]

Sambashiva, a Form of Lord Shiva with Ma Shakti Devi

Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati

Sambashiva is a form of Lord Shiva, and in this form, he beautifully appears along with his consort Ma Shakti Devi, and she is seated on the lap of Lord Shiva. Since he shares his single seat with Ma Parvati, he is also known as “EKASANA MURTHY”.This divine form can be seen in the form […]

Yoga Dakshinamurthi

Yoga Dakshinamurthy

Yoga dakshinamurthi is the form of Lord Shiva. Dakshinamurthi means ‘one who is facing south’  and Yoga is the art of being healthy in both physical and spiritual norms. It is believed that this form is the personification of Lord Shiva, where he represents knowledge, understanding and ultimate awareness. He is worshipped as the Lord […]

Bhairavamurti, Shiva as Lord Bhairava

Bhairavamurti is considered as Lord Shiva in some ethics and considered as the power of Lord Shiva in others. However, the word Bhairava means the Anger form of Lord Shiva or the ultimate power of Lord Shiva. The Bhairavamurthi is considered as the most ferocious Gods in Hinduism, according to the Beliefs of Shaivism. The […]

Dashabhujeshwara, Shiva with 10 Hands and 5 Faces

In most of the pictures of Lord Shiva, he would be depicted only with two hands, and with one head. In the Nataraja aspect of Lord Shiva, he can be seen with four hands with one head. But as per Shiva Purana, it was mentioned that the normal appearance of Lord Shiva would consist often […]

12 Lesser Known Avatars of Lord Shiva

Before going through the avatars of Lord Shiva, According to me, most of the people are not aware about all the avatars of Lord Shiva. Hence it is important to write about the avatars of Lord Shiva. Most of them would have studied the avatars of Lord Vishnu. In many temples, several paintings are inscribed […]

Sukhasana Murti – Lord Shiva as a Yogi

Sukhasanamurti is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, in which he is referred to a Yogi. In this form, Lord Shiva poses a posture, in which he is performing Yoga in a manner he relaxes himself and does the meditation. ‘Sukha’ refers to the pleasing state of mind and body. ‘Asana’ refers to the […]

Layakaara, Lord Shiva as Destroyer

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Lord Shiva is also known as Layakaara. The word ‘Laya’ in Sanskrit means Rhythm or a rhythmic cycle. Lord Shiva is called as Layakaara because he is the one who creates the Crests and Troughs in life, which make the very essence of the livelihood. The Divine Trio comprises of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Lord […]

Gangadhara | Lord Shiva who wears Ganga on his head

Lord Gangadhara is the other name of Lord Shiva, acquired because he wore the sacred River Ganga on his head. The term Gangadhara means the one who is bearing Ganga. Sacred river ganga forms one of the attributes of Lord Shiva’s possessions in the top most part of his head, the other being the Moon […]

Gangavisarjana Murti, Lord Shiva who descended Ganga River from his hair

Ganggavisarjanamurti is the Lord Shiva himself, known for releasing Goddess River Ganga from his matted hairs. He is also known as Gangadhara Murthi for bearing Ganga on his head. The Sanskrit word ‘Visarjana’ means to release. Lord Shiva is known for his unique nature, for being only the God who bears Ganga in two ways. […]

Haryardhamurti (Sankaranarayana): Lord Shiva who is represented with Vishnu

Haryardhamurti Sankaranarayana Lord Shiva with Vishnu

Haryardhamurti is one of forms in which Lord Shiva is represented along with other deities. In this form, he is represented along with none other than Lord Vishnu. The right side of the body has Lord Shiva and the left side has Lord Vishnu. This form is called as ‘Sankaranarayana’, where Sankara meaning Shiva and […]

Yaksheshwar | Shiva’s Yaksheshwara Avatar

The Yaksheshwar avatar was taken by Lord Shiva in order to remove the pride and ego of the Devas after they consumed the divine nectar, Amrit after churning the divine ocean, Parkadal. After the consumption of the divine nectar, the Devas were become very healthier and also attained great powers, and hence, they began to […]

Kalyanasundara Murthi | Lord Shiva as Bridegroom during the Marriage

Kalyanasundara Murthi, Lord Shiva as bridegroom

Kalyanasundara Murthi is the lord Shiva himself. He is called as Kalyana Sundara Murthi at the time he gets married to Goddess Shakti, when she was in the form of Parvati. Goddess Shakti, as Parvati Devi, was born to Parvata Raja. Parvata Raja is the one of the wealthiest kings on Earth. Parvati was in […]

Sadanrityamurti, Lord Shiva as the Master of Dance

Lord Shiva is also called as Sadanrityamurti, as he is the master of Dance and will be in the form of Dancing divine. ‘Nritya’ meaning Dance and ‘Sada’ meaning always, Lord Shiva is also known as origin of the Dances. He is also called as ‘Nataraja’, where ‘Natya’ means Dance. In the epics, it is […]