Ashtamurthi Shiva – Eight Murtis of Lord Shiva

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Ashtamurthi Shiva – Eight Murtis of Lord Shiva, what are the eight-fold manifestations of Lord Shiva? In the Linga Purana, Lord Nandikeshvara  elaborates  largely the nature of the Astamurti to Sanatkumara and adds details regarding a typical shaiva tradition. The eight murthi’s are Sarva, Bhava, Pashupati, Ishana, Bhima, Rudra, Mahadeva and Ugra. The details and […]

Chandeshwara Anugrahamurthi, Lord Shiva who saved Chandeshwara

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Chandeshwara Anugrahamurthi is the form of Lord Shiva, where he saves one of his devotees called Chandeshwara. In the epics, it has been often evident that Lord Shiva has saved various devotees who had shown an extraordinary dedication towards him. One of them was Markendeya, who is a child devotee. Lord Shiva had saved the […]

Vignesha Anugrahamurthi, Lord Shiva who saved Ganesha & named him Ganapathi

Vignesha Anugrahamurthi - Shiva with Ganesha

Vigneshaanugrahamurthi is the form of Lord Shiva. He was entitled this name when he saved his own son and named him as Ganapati, by making him the leader of all the Ganas. According to the legend, in Kailash, when Goddess Parvati prepared a toy from the material used for bathing, and imparted life to it, […]

Jvarabhagnamurti | Lord Shiva as destroyer of unhealthy state


Jvarabhagnamurti is the form of Lord Shiva, where he is known as the destroyer of the unhealthy state. This implies he is the Lord of Good health and grants a healthy life in all aspects of life. Lord Shiva is known as the doctor of doctors in many epics. The devotees of Lord Shiva blindly […]

Ekapada Trimurthi, Lord Shiva’s One-footed aspect

Ekapada Trimurthi

Trimurthi is the trinity of three deities Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Ekapada Trimurthi is the form of Lord Shiva where he is described along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu forming the trinity. In Ekapada Trimurthi aspect, the central leg of Shiva is more visible than other two smaller legs of Vishnu and […]

Kalyanasundara Murthi | Lord Shiva as Bridegroom during the Marriage

Kalyanasundara Murthi, Lord Shiva as bridegroom

Kalyanasundara Murthi is the lord Shiva himself. He is called as Kalyana Sundara Murthi at the time he gets married to Goddess Shakti, when she was in the form of Parvati. Goddess Shakti, as Parvati Devi, was born to Parvata Raja. Parvata Raja is the one of the wealthiest kings on Earth. Parvati was in […]

Ugra, Raudra, Samhara Murti: Lord Shiva in ferocious form

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Ugra, Raudra or Samhara Murti is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, in which his state of mood is ferocious. The fury of Lord Shiva is terrific and abnormal in its nature. The words Ugra and Raudra give almost the similar meaning as ‘Terrible’. Samhara’ means to kill. It is believed that the ferocity […]

Shivalingas: Forms & Types


Siva gets delighted by the dedication of selves and bestows the salvation of complete identity. This lifetime offering shall be made only to Siva. Siva exemplifies birth in as much as He has the form of both Yoni (vaginal passage) and Linga (Penis). Hence in order to ward off births, the Janmapuja is of Siva […]

Significance of Ardhanarishvara | Lord Shiva’s Half Man-Woman form


What is the Significance of Ardhanarishvara, Lord Shiva’s Half Man-Woman form? The importance of Ardhanarishvara Tathwa of Lord Shiva is mentioned here.. As the name Ardhanariswara means “Half Man-Woman”, it is the composite form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is depicted as half male and half female, right side male Shiva and left side […]

Sadashiva | Lord Shiva in Absolute Form

Sadashiva is the supreme Lord of Shaivism. Sadashiva is the absolute, and he cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe. Lord Sadashiva appears in the form of blessing posture, and he looks very handsome and contains a bright and charming face. Sadashiva contains five heads, with ten hands, and he is the supreme form […]

Rudra | Aspect of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Trishula

Rudra is an aspect of Lord Shiva, and his name was mentioned in Rigveda for several times.He is also associated with the wind god Vayu, and he is praised as the king of the Lords, and he destroys the entire universe through his supreme powers during the time of deluge. Sri Rudram is a popular […]

Bholenath | Shiva as Lord of Simplicity and Simple People

Bholenath is a form of Lord Shiva, and in this form he appears in a calm manner with a simple look, and he contains a smiling face, and he is easily approachable by anyone. He gives his blessings to his devotees just by simply reciting his name. He would be very much pleased if we […]

Kiratamurti, Lord Shiva as Hunter (Shiva Presented Pashupathastra to Arjuna)

Kiratamurti is the form of Lord Shiva where he appears as the hunter in the epic of Mahabharata. The cause behind this form of Kiratamurthi is to present Arjuna the most powerful weapon called Pashupatastra. Lord Shiva grants this weapon to Arjuna, because of the fact that Arjuna needs to accumulate the strength of divine […]

Kamadahana Murthy | Lord Shiva who burnt Kamadeva into Ashes

Once, Ma Shakti Devi was born as Dakshayini, to Lord Daksha. She got married with Lord Shiva and their marriage was not accepted by Daksha, due to the peculiar characteristics of Lord Shiva, like wandering in the burial grounds, living in the company of ghosts etc. Once Lord Daksha conducted a Yagna, and excluding his […]

Kala Samhara Murthy | Lord Shiva as Destroyer of Kala (Yama Dharmaraja)

Kala Samhara Murthi, is a form of Lord Shiva. Since Lord Shiva had killed Yama, he is known as Kala Samhara Murthi. Lord Yama is the death god, and once when the life of Markandeya had ended, he sent his divine attendants to take away his life. But they could not do that, since the […]

Ekapada Murthy | Ekapada Shiva | One Footed Aspect of Lord Shiva

Ekapada Murthy is one of the forms of Lord Shiva. In this form, Lord Shiva would be having only one leg which denotes that Shiva is holding the entire universe, through his single leg.The idol of this form of Lord Shiva is found in some temples of Odisha, and also in some ancient Shiva temples […]

Tripurantaka | Shiva as Destroyer of three Magical Cities

Lord Shiva is also known as Tripurantaka since he destroyed the three magical cities of the demons. The three demon princes named Taarakaaksha, Kamalaaksha and Vidyunmaali, performed severe penance on Lord Brahma and due to that, Lord Brahma had gifted three magical cities which would float in the sky. Lord Brahma had also granted boon […]

Bhikshatanamurti | Significance of Lord Shiva as Bhikshatana murti

Lord shiva as Bhikshatanamurthi

Bhikshatanamurti is one of the aspects of Lord Shiva. The word Bhikshatanamurthi means Supreme Mendicant. Though the word Mendicant refers to Beggar, it is mostly referred to ascetics, religious followers or supreme sages. There are different kinds of beliefs about the concept of Bhiksatanamurti. Some believe that Lord Shiva roams around the world in the […]

Somaskanda Murti, Lord Shiva with Parvati & Murugan (Skanda / Subramanya)

Somaskandhamurti is one the forms of Lord Shiva, depicted in one of the Puranas relating to the Lord Vishnu. Here the word ‘Soma’ is referred to Lord Shiva and ‘Skandha’ is refrerred to another child God. It has been described in various occasions in the epics that Lord Vishnu had worshipped Lord Shiva, such as […]