Ugra, Raudra, Samhara Murti: Lord Shiva in ferocious form

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Ugra, Raudra or Samhara Murti is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, in which his state of mood is ferocious. The fury of Lord Shiva is terrific and abnormal in its nature. The words Ugra and Raudra give almost the similar meaning as ‘Terrible’. Samhara’ means to kill. It is believed that the ferocity of Lord Shiva is not desired by any of the Gods or Beings in the universe.

There have been many situations in which Lord Shiva’s anger is evident and lead to the death of many demons. The incident which might be at the top of the list is when Lord Shiva demolished one of the heads of Brahma in the council of sages. Then follow the series of episodes which lead to the death of demons like Gajasura and Tripurantaka.

Lord Shiva is also popular for his anger towards Manmadha and destroyed him by the fire released from his third eye. This is also called as Kamadahana.

It is said that Shaivites conjured up a concept in which Lord Shiva is referred as Sarabha and he destroyed Narasimha, a form of Lord Vishnu. Sarabha is considered as an imaginary beast, more ferocious than lion. Obviously it is understood that Shaivites believe Lord Shiva is the only Supreme power, negating the concept of Lord Vishnu and Vaishnavas.

Despite being called as Bhaktavatsala and Pasupati, which mean Lord of Devotion and Lord of Beings, Lord Shiva is known for his anger, which is an acute weapon against the falsehood and greed.

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