Ashtamurthi Shiva – Eight Murtis of Lord Shiva

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Ashtamurthi Shiva – Eight Murtis of Lord Shiva, what are the eight-fold manifestations of Lord Shiva?

In the Linga Purana, Lord Nandikeshvara  elaborates  largely the nature of the Astamurti to Sanatkumara and adds details regarding a typical shaiva tradition.

The eight murthi’s are Sarva, Bhava, Pashupati, Ishana, Bhima, Rudra, Mahadeva and Ugra. The details and nature of the eightfold manifestation are as under:

1) Sarva and his wife, Vikeshi and Son, Angaraka, i.e. planet Mars; The lord of everything and the entity spreading the universe.

2) Bhava and his wife, Uma and  son,Shukra, i.e. planet Venus;  who envelops the 7 world-spheres;  infuses life in the universe and protects the universe.

3) Pashupati and his wife,  Svaha; and son, Shanmukha;  who is manifest as fire and envelops the universe; protects all life-forms, .

4) Ishana and his wife, Shiva and son, Manojava; who is regarded as is manifest as air, the substance of living and non-living forms and confers all wishes .

5) Bhima and his wives, 10 directions; Son, Sarga; who is regarded as is manifest as space and as the sun and envelops the universe; basis of all manifestations in the universe,.

6) Rudra and his wife, Suvarchala and Son, Shanishchara, i.e. Saturn; who  cause of devotion in devotees, is manifest as the sun, gives liberation and pleasures and present as the nature of all pleasant things.

7) Mahadeva and his wife, Rohini and Son, Budha, i.e. Mercury; who is manifest as the moon andbearer of offerings to gods and ancestors. In the White Yajurveda, Rudra is initially labeled as Mahadeva .

8) Ugra and his wife, Diksha; Son, Samtana; who is manifests as the ritualist.

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