Haryardhamurti (Sankaranarayana): Lord Shiva who is represented with Vishnu

Haryardhamurti Sankaranarayana Lord Shiva with Vishnu

Haryardhamurti Sankaranarayana Lord Shiva with Vishnu

Haryardhamurti is one of forms in which Lord Shiva is represented along with other deities. In this form, he is represented along with none other than Lord Vishnu. The right side of the body has Lord Shiva and the left side has Lord Vishnu.

This form is called as ‘Sankaranarayana’, where Sankara meaning Shiva and Narayana meaning Vishnu. Lord Shiva is also popular in the form of Ardhanarishwara, where he is represented along his Goddess Parvati. But the form of Haryardhamurti suggests more importance and information when compared to other forms of Lord Shiva.

In the history, predominantly in South India, there exists an age where the social differences are based on the deity being revered. There were two groups, Shaivites and Vaishnavas, arguing about the Supremacy of their own respective Gods, who in turn never come to a common understanding about their concept of devotion and actual reality of existence of God.

While Shaivites believe in Lord Shiva and disagree the presence of Vishnu with a sense of arrogance, Vaishnavas had their stand firm towards Lord Vishnu. The differences had also evoked political chaos, social unrest and personal loss to some families.

The concept of Haryardhamurti is an attempt to reveal the truth that the existence of this Universe is due to one God, not more than that. And the same God exists in the way one believes in him. Or in the other words, it is the one and the same concept of Supreme God, depicted in two different ways of Shaivism and Vaishnavism.

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