Kamadahana Murthy | Lord Shiva who burnt Kamadeva into Ashes

Kamadahanam by Lord Shiva

Kamadahanam by Lord Shiva

Once, Ma Shakti Devi was born as Dakshayini, to Lord Daksha. She got married with Lord Shiva and their marriage was not accepted by Daksha, due to the peculiar characteristics of Lord Shiva, like wandering in the burial grounds, living in the company of ghosts etc. Once Lord Daksha conducted a Yagna, and excluding his daughter and Lord Shiva, he called everyone to attend his Yagna. Due to the sincere affection on her father, Dakshayani attended the Yagna, and there she was ignored by her father, and as a result, she set fire through her yogic powers, and fell down on it.

Then she was again born in the world as Parvati, and she was adopted by Parvatha Raja and Mena. After she grew up, she went to the Himalayas and began to start doing penance on Lord Shiva. After some time, Lord Shiva also came to the Himalayas, and Ma Parvati began to serve the Lord in a pleasing manner.

At that time, the powerful Demon Tarakasura tried to capture the heaven, and he wanted to fight with Lord Indra. After getting the suggestion from Lord Brahma, Indra wanted to unite the divine couple, Shiva and Parvati, and asked Lord Kamadeva to appear before him.

Lord Indra tells Kamadeva to shower his flower arrows on Lord Shiva from his Sugarcane bow, in order to make him as a family man.

With great fear in his mind, Kamadeva hits Lord Shiva’s heart with the flower arrow. Immediately Lord Shiva opened his third eye, and destroyed Manmadha into ashes. Then after the repeated requests of Manmadha’s consort Ma Rathi Devi, Lord Shiva had given her the boon that her consort Manmadha would be visible only to her eyes, and he would appear as formless before the eyes of others.

Kamadahana Murthy would remove the lust from our mind, and gives spiritual energy to us. Lust is the bad act, and through that, lot of people are committing sins, and they are also suffering for their bad karmas. By sincerely worshipping the Kamadahana Murthy, all of our bad thoughts would vanish from our mind, and we would get the entire grace of Lord Shiva.


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