Bhakta Dhruva & Bhakta Prahlada

Bhakta Dhuruva and Bhakta Prahalada contain many similarities, and both of them are staunch devotees of Lord Vishnu, and both of them were lived almost the entire earth for several thousands of years.Both of them were born in the lineage of Lord Brahma, and both of them are considered as child devotees. Few hundred years […]

God is Visible to us in the form of Chandra, Surya, Dhruva

We can’t question about the existence of the god, since daily we are viewing Lord Surya, Chandra and Dhruva, from our naked eyes. Lord Surya is giving light to us, and gives food grains, generates rain and also blesses us, if we sincerely worship him. Lord Chandra can be easily seen during the full moon […]

Dhruva Mandala | Dhruva Mandalam

Dhruva Mandala is situated far away from the earth, but Dhruva can be seen in our normal eyes during night times. Dhruva star would brightly glitters in the skies, and would create happiness in our minds. Dhruva had reached the position of becoming a divine star in the sky, due to his sincere meditation on […]

Dhruva | Dhruva Nakshatra | Ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnumurti

Dhruva was born to the king Uttanapada. He was the son of his first wife. The king Uthanapada was very much attracted to his second wife and was not shown much interest with Dhruva. Depressed by this unfavourable act, Dhruva went to the forest and meditated Lord Hari. After several years, Lord Hari appeared and […]