Bhakta Dhruva & Bhakta Prahlada

Bhakta Dhuruva and Bhakta Prahalada contain many similarities, and both of them are staunch devotees of Lord Vishnu, and both of them were lived almost the entire earth for several thousands of years.Both of them were born in the lineage of Lord Brahma, and both of them are considered as child devotees. Few hundred years back, the great Dhuruva had incarnated as Sri Padaraja, and he is a famous Madhwa Saint, and he is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and his avatars.

Bhakta Prahalada had incarnated as Sri Vyasaraja and Guru Raghavendra, who are the great Madhwa Saints, and the worshippers of Lord Vishnu and his avatars.Since both of them contain great divine powers, and since, both of them are having the capacity to act as the saviour to their devotees, Lord Vishnu had sent them again in this world, in order to propagate Hindu Dharma, and also to establish peace and prosperity in this world. Prahalada and Dhuruva cannot be differentiated, and they must be considered as one and the same with regard to their super natural powers.

Dhuruva is still shining as a bright star in the sky, and he is controlling even the Sun, Moon, Planets and the Rishi Mandala. Due to his sincere bhakti, Lord Vishnu had rewarded him this great position, which cannot be imagined by us. Though he is dwelling in the Dhuruva Mandala for several millions of years, yet his brightness and smartness would never diminish, and he would be alive even during the Maha Pralaya, entire destruction of the universe, due to the grace of Lord Vishnu.

Through their powers, both of these Bhagavathas are safeguarding their devotees, and also coming with them throughout their lives. We can chant their mantras, “OM SRI DHURUVAYA NAMAHA”, and “OM SRI PRAHALADAYA NAMAHA”, in order to add sweetness in our lives.Chanting the mantras of Dhuruva and Prahalada is equivalent to chanting the mantras of Lord Vishnu, and hence let us keep praying to these divine personalities for ever in our life.


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