God is Visible to us in the form of Chandra, Surya, Dhruva

We can’t question about the existence of the god, since daily we are viewing Lord Surya, Chandra and Dhruva, from our naked eyes. Lord Surya is giving light to us, and gives food grains, generates rain and also blesses us, if we sincerely worship him. Lord Chandra can be easily seen during the full moon day. He is the god who helps us to control our senses, and would make us to devote our attention on the almighty.

Dhruva can also be seen during night times, and he glitters like the diamond stone. Sometimes the star would not visible to our eyes during night times. But if we sincerely pray to him, then he would give his darshan instantly and also would bless us from the Dhruva Mandala. These main three deities inculcate bhakti in our mind, and also make the non-believers of god to have faith with them.

Nowadays most of the people question about the existence of the god, since they are telling that they are very much interested to get the divine vision of the god.Everyone cannot get the divine vision of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or any other deities. Only a few saintly people have got the divine darshan of them, and some people would not share their divine experiences with others. But the great gods Chandra, Surya and Dhruva are regularly showing their divine appearance to everyone in this world. They are selfless gods who are wilfully discharging their duties for several millions of years.

By considering these deities as Rama, Krishna and Shiva, we can pray to them, and we can put our burdens on their shoulders also. Since they are visible to our eyes, they would be able to hear our prayers, and removes our tears, and do as much as they can to reduce our sufferings in our lives.

Dhruva star being a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu is having powers equivalent to Lord Vishnu,and by worshipping him, we would get his grace as well as the grace of Lord Vishnu.


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