Lets worship Child devotees Dhruva, Prahlada similar to Bala Krishna

Lord Krishna in child form

Lord Krishna in child form

Lets worship Child devotees Dhruva, Prahlada similar to Bala Krishna.. Let’s eagerly worship the child devotees, Dhruva and Prahlada, similar to worshipping Child Krishna and there is no harm in doing like that. While Krishna is considered to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Dhruva and Prahalada are considered to be the divine aspects of Lord Vishnu, and both of them contain divine qualities similar to Lord Krishna, though they are classified as devotees of Lord Vishnu. Both Prahalada and Dhruva have done severe penance on Lord Vishnu, and acquired great powers. But the Leelas performed by these two child devotees are nowhere mentioned in the Holy Texts.

Prahalada and Dhruva had become kings of their respective regions at their young age itself, and ruled their kingdoms in a prosperous manner. Even in the Golu Doll collection on the event of Navaratri celebrations, the idols of these two divine devotees are not found. In fact by keeping the idols of these two child devotees along with the idol of Child Krishna would please Krishna, since he loves them so much.

The present day sculptors must come forward to sculpt idols of Child Prahalada and Dhruva also,in order to sell it during the time of Navaratri festival days. It is believed that ancient Hindus were worshipped both these child devotees similar to child Krishna, and this detail was found in an ancient Hindi spiritual book. Similar to child Krishna, these two devotees contain great powers to do anything in favour of us.

Child Dhruva had become the greatest Dhruva star and shining brightly in the skies, and he is having the powers to control Lord Surya and Chandra Bhagavan itself. The great Prahalada had been taken birth as Guru Raghavendra, the finest Madhwa saint and saviour, who contains supreme powers similar to his precious god Vishnu. But without considering all these aspects, we are simply ignoring them, by considering them as just “DEVOTEES”.

The great Rama Bhakta Hanuman is also a devotee of Lord Rama, and he is worshipped by millions and millions of Hindus throughout the world. In the Puranas, it was also mentioned, that even Lord Shiva worships Lord Rama and he used to even perform puja to Lord Rama. Hence by considering the above points in our mind, let us consider the two divine sons of the almighty, Dhruva and Prahalada as the supreme manifestations of Lord Vishnu, and let us honour these child devotees, by worshipping them regularly.


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