Dhruva Purana

During the beginning of the last century, a staunch devotee of Sri Padarajar, whose name was Padmanabacharya, has written the Dhruva Purana and circulated a few copies of it to the devotees of Sri Padarajar at Mulbagal Mutt, Karnataka. I have got these details from my Madhwa Brahmin friend Sridhar, who previously worked along with me in a Private company as an Accountant.

Sri Padarajar is an aspect of Sri Dhruva, and hereinafter, we can describe Dhruva as Lord Dhruva, since he has attained the status of the Demigod, due to his staunch devotion on Lord Vishnu. Since Lord Dhruva was interested to serve Lord Vishnu once again in the earth, he has incarnated as the holy Saint, Sri Padarajar, and he has wonderfully discharged his divine services during the period:-1422-1480.

In the Dhruva Purana, the good attributes of Lord Dhruva was mentioned. Dhruva shines brightly than that of the other stars like Karthigai and Rohini, since he contains more powers than that of them. Once, when the moon god, Lord Chandra, tested the powers of Lord Dhruva, by invoking various weapons on him, but Dhruva easily stopped all the weapons and also redirected it to Lord Chandra. After knowing about the tremendous powers of Lord Dhruva, Chandra has accepted his mistake and asked Dhruva to apologize him for his mistake. The kind hearted Dhruva also pardoned Lord Chandra, with a smiling face, and also made friendly relationship with him, and also with his 27 star consorts.

Since I want to tell about the detailed history of Lord Dhruva, I have made a thorough analysis about him, and after that, I have got a clear picture about him. It is our duty to tell about the significance of the Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya, since these Bhagavathas have expressed their staunch faith and bhakti on the almighty, and also making us to concentrate our attention on the god by sending more and more positive vibrations on us from their divine worlds.

According to the Dhruva Purana, Lord Dhruva has also been granted various boons by Lord Vishnu, and he would not be get affected by the curse of sages, gods and goddesses and by others. Once when the angry sage Dhurvasa visited the Dhruva Mandala, and at that time, since Lord Dhruva was doing meditation on Lord Vishnu, he didn’t noticed Rishi Dhurvasa, but without knowing about the significance of Lord Dhruva, Rishi Dhurvasa cursed him to be burnt into ashes. As per his curse, when Lord Agni Dev arrives at the Dhruva Mandala to burn Dhruva, he could not burn him since Dhruva was keep on meditating on Lord Vishnu. Lord Agni worshipped both Rishi Dhurvasa and Lord Dhruva, circumambulated them for three times, and disappeared from that place. After knowing about the powers of Lord Dhruva, Rishi Dhurvasa had blessed him, and went away from that place.

Likewise, there are lot of interesting incidents about Lord Dhruva, which was mentioned in the DhruvaPurana. Lord Dhruva can easily reach the abodes of the gods at any time, and even the Divine gate Keepers like Jaya, Vijaya and Nandi Bhagavan would not stop him from visiting the Divine abodes. Dhruva was also tested by Lord Vayu, Indra and Varuna, but they have failed in their successive attempts. It is also mentioned in the Dhruva Purana, that we can even count the number of soil present in the beach, but we cannot count the lifetime of Lord Dhruva, since for him, there is no end, and he would be alive, even during the time of deluge.


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