Dhanurmasam 2019-2020 | Dhanumasam dates

Lord Vishnu

Dhanurmasam or Dhanumasam is known as Margazhi month as per the Tamil calendar. Dhanurmasam 2019-2020 starts on 17 December 2019 and ends on 14 January 2020. This month is the most auspicious month the devotees who Vaishnava tradition. Dhanurmasam begins on Dhanur Sankramanam day. On this day Sun enters into Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius zodiac sign). […]

Katyayani Vratam | Dhanurmasa Kathyayani Puja

Katyayani Vratam, a Puja dedicated to Goddess Kathyayani, is observed during Dhanurmasam or Dhanu month in South India. In 2017-2018, Katyayani Vrata starts on 16 December 2017 and ends on 13 January 2018. In some places, the Vrata is observed in Margashirsh month and in some places during Dhanurmasam. The Lunar month of Margashirsha month […]

Pavai Nonbu 2018-2019 | Margazhi Nombu, Margali Nombu

Goddess Andal

Pavai Nombu (Margazhi Nombu) is a month-long vrata observed during the Tamil month of Margazhi or Margali masam. In 2018- 2019, Pavai Nombu starts on December 16, 2018 & ends on January 14, 2019. Mainly the Nombu is for kanyas or virgin girls who want to get good husbands and pleasant married life. It is […]

Swargavathil Ekadashi 2016 in Kerala

Swarga Vathil Ekadashi is observed in Kerala on Ekadasi in Malayalam month of Dhanu Masam. In 2016, there is no Swargavathil Ekadashi. It is an important day in Malayalam calendar. In 2017, Swargavathil Ekadashi dates are – 9 January and 29 December 2017. Swargavathil Ekadashi is celebrated in a grand way at Padmanabha swamy temple […]

Dhanurmasam 2014-2015

Dhanurmasam 2014-2015, Dhanurmasa, Dhanurmasam 2014-2015 dates.. Dhanurmasam begins on December 16, 2014, ends on January 14, 2015. Dhanurmasam (Dhanumasam) is an auspicious month for Vaishnava sect of Hindus. They consider it as highly meritorious to worship Lord Vishnu (Ranganatha Swamy, Venugopala Swamy, Venkateshwara Swamy, Goddess Godadevi & Lakshmi). Dhanur Sankranti marks the beginning of Dhanurmasam. […]

Dhanu Masam 2019-2020 in Malayalam Calendar | Dhanu Month in Kerala

Dhanu Month, Dhanu Masam 2019-2020 begins on 17 December 2019 in Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Dhanu Month ends on January 14, 2020. Sabarimala Mandala Puja and Thiruvathira festival are two important festivals of the month. It is the fifth month in traditional Malayalam calendar. Forty five- day long Sabarimala Mandala Kalam Puja ends on […]

Dhanur Sankranti – Dhanur Sankramanam

Dhanur Sankranti, also known as Dhanu Sankramanam, is the transition of the Sun to Dhanu Rashi or the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Dhanu Sankranti 201o date is 16 December 2011. Usually, Dhanu Sankraman occurs on Margasira Amavasya as per Telugu and Kannada calendars. As per Tamil calendar, Dhanus sankraman falls on the first day of […]

Dhanu Sankranthi

Dhanu Sankranti, also known as Dhanur Sankranthi or Dhanu Sankraman, is the auspicious day when Sun (Surya Bhagwan) enters into Dhanu Rashi or the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. In 2017, Dhanu Sankranti date is December 16. The auspicious month for Vaishnava sect of people, Dhanur Mas, begins on this day. During Dhanur Mas, the popular […]