Dhanur Sankranti – Dhanur Sankramanam

Dhanur Sankranti, also known as Dhanu Sankramanam, is the transition of the Sun to Dhanu Rashi or the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Dhanu Sankranti 201o date is 16 December 2011. Usually, Dhanu Sankraman occurs on Margasira Amavasya as per Telugu and Kannada calendars. As per Tamil calendar, Dhanus sankraman falls on the first day of Margazhi or Margali masam (Margazhi Amavasi).

Dhanur Sankraman marks the beginning of Dhanur Masam in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka. Dhanurmasam is the most auspicious period for Vaishnava sect of Hindus. Pavai Nombu begins on Dhanur Sankraman day in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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