Bhagavata Nama | Chanting the Names of Divine Devotees

Similar to chanting the names of the almighty, we can also chants the names of his devotees like Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya, and sages and saints like Vasishta, Atri, Vishwamitra, Raghavendra Swamy and Kanchi Paramacharya. In most of the houses, we can see the pictures of the above mentioned saints, and they would worship them […]

Lingayatism (Veerashaivism): Lingayat sect in South India

Basaveshwara Founder of Lingayat sect

The lingayat sect is one of the most ancient and celebrated cults of South India based on the faith and worship of Shiva in the form of Lingam. The lingayat sect is also well known as “VeeraShaivism” with its distinct Shaivite tradition. The founder of the lingayat sect was “Basavanna” – a social reformer and […]

Abhinavagupta’s Contribution to Hinduism

India, the country famous for its diversity in culture and heritage, was once home to some of the greatest mathematicians, thinkers and philosophers. These renowned people have contributed a great deal in influencing the thoughts and dispositions of huge masses of Indians over the progress of centuries, and have in a way, shaped the country […]

Lalleshwari, Kashmiri Shaivite Sanyasin

Lalleshwari is a Kashmiri pandit girl who left her marriage to follow or take up the sanyas. She left her life behind to become the student of the Shaivite guru names ‘Siddha Srikantha’. She continued it as the spiritual tradition of Kashmir shaivism known as Tirka. Lalleshwari was regarded as the Kashmiri yogini. Lalla’s greatness […]

Abhinavagupta: Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee

Abhinavgupta, a single worded title more than the name that was conferred upon a person by is masters signifying proficiency and trustworthiness, was born in a Brahmin family belonging to Kashmiri Pundit Kaul clan. It is an original name was not known to anyone. Raniero Gnoli, a Sanskrit scholar known for completing a translation on […]