KM Sekhar & Savitri Sekhar | Staunch devotees of Lord Shiva

The elderly couple, Sri.K.M. Sekhar and Mrs. Savitri Sekhar were doing spiritual service for the past nine years. They are expert in reciting the verses from the Shaivite Holy Texts, such as Thevaram and Thiruvasagam, and they used to recite it in the Shiva Temples at free of charge. Due to their great devotion on Lord Shiva, we can mention these couple as “THE PRESENT DAY NAYANMARS”.

Mr.K.M.Sekhar has worked in Indian Bank in a high position and he has got V.R.S during the year 2013, and after that, he has been doing full of Spiritual Services till to date. His consort, Mrs. Savitri Sekhar previously ran a small scale unit by manufacturing candles, and after successfully doing that business for some years, she has quit that job, and become a full time house wife. These pious couple have started a spiritual team and named it as “MANICKAVASAGA THIRUVASAGA MUTROTHAL KUZHU”. Since they are staunch devotees of Lord Shiva, they are doing the spiritual service dedicatedly. So far they are rendering spiritual services by the way of reciting the holy verses from the Shaivite Texts in most of the famous Shiva Temples in Tamil Nadu.

Every month they are visiting Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple situated at Uraiyur Trichy, and reciting the holy verses from Thevaram and Thiruvasagam. For performing the Mutrothal in the temples, they are not getting any remuneration for that. After the completion of Mutrothal, they used to perform Annadanam to the Shiva devotees.

During the year 2018, these divine couple have performed Mutrothal in the Thiruvasagam Palace situated at Yazhpanam, Srilanka.

Presently for the past six months, they are doing Mutrothal at Srivatsam Senior Citizens Homes, since they have bought an apartment at Srivatsam. I am also watching the Mutrothal performed by these couple at Srivatsam for the past one month. Since I was very much satisfied with the wonderful performance of these couple, I am willingly writing this article.

Let us pray to the great almighty to give enough strength and longevity to these marvellous couple, in order to perform Mutrothal for many more years.


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