Vritrasura Katha | Complete Story of Vritrasura

Vritrasura Katha: Complete Story of Vritrasura. What is the story of demon Vritrasura? Vritrasura demon, story of Vritrasura association with Lord Shiva.

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, there once lived a Prajapati by the name Tvashta. He had a son by the name Vishwarupa who was blessed with three heads.

Vishwarupa had immense spiritual strengths and as usual Lord Indra became insecure about this and in a fit of rage killed Vishwarupa who was a great sage.

This enraged Prajapati Tvashta and he performed a Yagna to take revenge on Lord Indra for this act. Another great person by the name Vritrasura was born out of the holy fire of the Yagna. His only aim in life was to avenge the death of his brother Vishwarupa.

Vritrasura did severe penance for many years and he was granted a boon that no weapon known until then would be able to kill him. The weapon would not be wet or dry or made from wood or metal. With this boon Vritrasura became invinsible and he attacked Indra with all his force.

Lord Indra suffered a humiliating defeat in the battle and had to run for help. He approached the Gods Shiva and Vishnu to help him . Vishnu advised him to take the help of the Goddess who can corrupt the mind of Vritrasura with her Yogmaya , so that Indra can kill him easily.

Also Indra was advised to get a weapon made of the bones of the sage Dadhichi. Dadhichi made the ultimate sacrifice and Indra got the Vajrayudha made out of the bones of Dadhichi.

Then Indra collected sea foam which was neither wet nor dry and neither wood nor metal and asked the Goddess to enter the foam. When she entered the foam, Indra wrapped it around his Vajrayudha and was able to kill Vritrasura. The Gods were thus saved from Vritrasura.

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