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Chandra Darshan

Chandra Darshan

Lord Chandra is a worshipful deity and he is one among the nine planets, also called as Navagrahas. He is the son of Rishi Atri and Anasuya, and it is also believed that he was formed during the time of churning of the milk ocean. He was married to the 27 star goddesses, who are the daughters of Lord Daksha, and his chief consort is Mata Rohini.

Chandra looks very beautiful, and he contains good qualities, and he is the controller of our mind. By worshipping him sincerely, our mind would not get diverted on unwanted things, and we would get peace of mind.

Chandra is also known as Soma and he is the god of Monday.The abode of Lord Chandra is known as Chandra Mandala, and during the year 1969, two American astronauts have landed in the moon and they have successfully planted their country’s flag also in the land surface of the moon. This is considered as a great achievement, since humans are able to reach the divine world, Chandra Mandala, and they are also able to stay there for some time. But even they have visited the Chandra Loka, they found only the empty surface of the moon. They were unable to see neither Lord Chandra nor his consorts. But however, definitely we have to appreciate the biggest achievement made by the great Astronauts.

In our human eyes, the true appearance of the Chandra loka cannot be seen. Chandra Loka is described as a divine world, which contains full of beauty, and there are separate palaces built for each of his consorts. All the palaces were covered with full of gold, and lot of precious stones are also found in the palaces. Lord Chandra is considered as an enjoyer of comforts and luxuries similar to his close friend Lord Indra. Both of them were mentioned in ancient texts, and both of them used to drink the refreshment drink Somabanam.

Lord Chandra is our best companion, since we are able to see him in our eyes, and he is the favourite friend for small children. Most of the parents would tell wonderful stories about him to their child during night times, especially at the time of feeding food to them, by sitting in their terrace.


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