Lord Indra and Chandra

Lord Indra and Chandra are Vedic gods, and both of them are praised in Vedas and in the Puranas. Both of them are adapted to live a luxurious life style, by drinking the divine nectar Amirtha, and by watching the dance of the celestial dancers like Ma Urvashi, Menaka and Ramba. While Lord Indra is considered to be the brother of the Vishnu Avatar, Vamana, Lord Chandra is considered to be the brother of Ma Lakshmi, since both of them were emerged from the ocean of milk during the time of churning of the divine ocean.

Few Mantras are also dedicated to them, and it is a must for us, to worship these two divine deities similar to the major gods like Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.Both of them are having the powers to grant boons to us based on our utmost faith on them. Even the great Rishis like Vishwamitra, Vasishta and Agastiya used to praise them by reciting their Mantras. Lord Indra is having the capability to put orders to all other Devas, including Lord Surya, Chandra and Yama, but he would never use his powers unnecessarily. Without knowing about the name and fame of these two great deities, some people used to comment on them by citing examples from the Puranas. Though they might have committed some small mistakes, but we are all ordinary people, and we don’t have the right to comment on these powerful divine deities.

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As per our Puranas, Indra and Chandra are considered as the best friends, and both of them look very handsome in appearance. Both of them are having the right to receive the oblations from the fire sacrifices, and their names are frequently mentioned in the Rig Veda. Hence, similar to chanting the Rama and Krishna Mantra, we can also chant the Mantras, “OM SRI INDRA BHAGAVANE NAMAHA”, “OM SRI CHANDRA BHAGAVANE NAMAHA”, as much as possible during our life time, in order to get the entire grace of these two powerful ancient Vedic deities.


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