Dasara Navaratri 2023 at Basar Saraswati Temple

Dasara Navaratri at Basar Saraswati Temple of Telangana is a biggest festival at the abode of Goddess of education and knowledge. In 2023, Basar Temple Dasara Navaratri begins on October 15 and ends on October 24. On 15 October 2023, at 4 AM Navaratri puja begins with Mangala Vayidyams. Ammavari Suprabhatha Seva begins at 4.30 […]

Basar Saraswati Temple remain Closed for Chandra Grahanam, 16-17 July 2019

Basar Saraswati Temple remain Closed for Chandra Grahanam on 16-17 July 2019. In the evening on 16 July 2019, Saraswati Temple will be closed and for Samprokshana poojas, the temple will be opened after Chandra Grahanam. This is the Total Lunar Eclipse (Sampurna Chandra Grahanam) which will be visible in Basar and other parts of […]

Saraswati Archana at Basar Saraswati Temple

‘Saraswati Archana’, a new pooja, will be started at Basar Saraswati Temple from 29 January 2015. Saraswati Archana is considered as Arjitha Seva and is performed for students to face the challenges in studies and exams with courage and wisdom. Saraswati Archana Arjitha Seva will be commenced on January 29, Magha Shuddha Dashami. As a […]

Pattu Vasthrams for Basar Saraswati Temple on Vasantha Panchami

The government of Telangana will be presenting Pattu Vasthrams to Basar Saraswati Mata Temple on Vasantha Panchami, 22 January 2018. This is the fourth Vasantha Panchami in separate state of Telangana. Vasantha Panchami is Saraswati Jayanti, birthday of Goddess Saraswati Mata. Special pujas are performed on this day in the temple. The Endowment department of […]

Vasanta Panchami at Basara Saraswati Temple

Vasanta Panchami heralds the advent of spring. This festival marks the first day of spring. In 2021, Vasanta Panchami date is February 16. Vasantha means the spring. Magh-Shukla Panchami, which generally falls in the month of February is celebrated as Vasanth Panchami. The fields are mustard yellow with the ripening of crops. Yellow is a […]