Saraswati Archana at Basar Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Basar Temple

Saraswati Basar Temple

‘Saraswati Archana’, a new pooja, will be started at Basar Saraswati Temple from 29 January 2015. Saraswati Archana is considered as Arjitha Seva and is performed for students to face the challenges in studies and exams with courage and wisdom.

Saraswati Archana Arjitha Seva will be commenced on January 29, Magha Shuddha Dashami.

As a part of this pooja, the devotees will be blessed with Ammavari Silver Dollar, Prasadam, and Shesha Vasthram. The devotees those who are interested can donate Rs. 216 to the temple.

The Endowment department of Telangana has also decided to present Pattu Vasthrams to Sri Gnana Saraswati Mata on Vasantha Panchami for the first time.

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