Pattu Vasthrams for Basar Saraswati Temple on Vasantha Panchami

Basar Temple Saraswati Devi

Basar Temple Saraswati Devi

The government of Telangana will be presenting Pattu Vasthrams to Basar Saraswati Mata Temple on Vasantha Panchami, 22 January 2018. This is the fourth Vasantha Panchami in separate state of Telangana.

Vasantha Panchami is Saraswati Jayanti, birthday of Goddess Saraswati Mata. Special pujas are performed on this day in the temple.

The Endowment department of Telangana state has decided to present the Pattu Vasthrams for first time to Basar Temple. Previously, the government almost finalised it but could not do it.

The Endowment department has also started a new pooja at Basar temple – ‘Saraswati Archana’ on 29th January 2015.

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